Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4


Curious what the differences are between the HRAP 4 Kai vs the HRAP V besides the wider spacing of the Kai if that’s even one of the differences. Told myself I wouldn’t buy another stick any time soon since I don’t game as much but hard to resist…




@tensho dang, already have a te2(persona edition) but I still wanna get that one.


This is kinda of a big question for those that got their RapV already like my self.
So I just got my RapV for the PS4/PS3 yesterday morning and it worked perfectly. However after turning off the PS4 and taking a break from playing. I come back to the PS4 and I get a “To many USB devices” error and turns off the Arcade Stick.

Here’s a list of things that fixed this.

  1. Putting the stick at a 90 degree angle allowed it to work but only at that angle.
  2. Unplugging and re-plugging it in.
  3. Straightening the USB cable.

During these fixes if you move the stick from say your lap to the table to walk away and grab a drink it will pop the error again as you move it from one spot to the next. I believe that the USB cable for me at least is defective.

Currently contacting Hori to see what they say about this issue and will post an update once I hear from them.


Yeah if your stick new take advantage of your warranty


Is it possible to rewire the select buttton with the any of the 8 buttons on the front? at least without soldering


As an update to the issue I had.
It looks like because I got the stick several days before the street date that the firmware for the stick wasn’t on the PS4 yet. After yesterdays patch I have not received the USB error.
The day before the patch I ran several tests using this stick on my PC and never got any errors. So after those PC tests I could assume the fault was not with the PCB, or the cable but with the PS4.
Thankfully it all worked out in the end with out me having to ship it back to Japan.


When my Hori DOA V Last Round stick comes in from Japan I’ll let you know if I have any issues. It shipped out today via Fedex from PlayAsia. I unfortunately didn’t get to the pre-orders on AmiAmi in time.


I think there are no differences. HRAP 4 Kai = Name for US market, HRAP V = Name for Japanese market.
I could be wrong, but I think that’s all. lol.


^ Nope.

The “Kai” designation has been used in the past to denote the wider spacing between the buttons and the stick.

Also, it’s actually called the “HRAP V.隼” (HRAP V.Hababusa). The V.Hayabusa lines are all the standard spacing, but have Hori parts (Hayabusa and Kuros). The console designation is afterwards, as seen with “HRAP V.Hayabusa for Xbox One” and “HRAP V.Hayabusa for Playstation 4”. These use the new casing, but with the narrower spacing between buttons and stick.

The HRAP V4 line includes all the PS4-compatible sticks that still use the older HRAP V3/VX body, as seen with “HRAP V4 Hayabusa”, “HRAP V4 Silent Hayabusa” and “HRAP V4 Silent Hayabusa Midnight Blue”.

The HRAP4 is a new stick that uses their newer casing, but has the wider “Kai” layout, and uses Hori parts (Hayabusa and Kuros).


Went up for pre order, hopefuly it’s not been posted already.


Ya’ll are forgetting about the addition of a touchpad to the new models also. The DOA5 Stick has touch pad and analog sticks.



Good to know, thanks.
It was really confusing at first, because on screenshots it looked like they just have a different color.

Any advantage/disadvantage with the spacing? Or is it just preference?


The PS4 Real Arcade Pro. V “Hayabusa” hit the streets of Jamaica, NY yesterday!!!


I still don;'t get why they have such a confusing naming scheme.


It’s here!






Grats man! Let me know if you run into the same error I did with the too many USB’s.


I really wished the analogs were somewhere a little more convenient to use.
If that was the case, I’d be tempted to get this stick to use it for fighters as well as non-fighters (like Diablo 3, for example).


EvilBuny - No errors report so far. Movement is pretty good. Buttons feel alright. Since the analogs are just for menus then I am cool with where they are. I am sure it could be modded to put them somewhere else though. I can understand why they didn’t put the touchpad on top as well. They didn’t want to break the flow of the art on top.


More like they didn’t want to have to fabricate a different, metal top panel just for these new HRAPs.