Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4


Is that analog thing detachable/retractable/optional? Even if by a screwdriver for instance.


I shouldve waited for the V5.

Already bought a V4 and a V4 Silent. tho if the last round’s analogs are detachable that might be better than the V5 just for having an added option… I just really don’t like the art on the LR, it looks like they just threw in random characters in there and mostly reused stock images.


What V5?
The link you posted is to the HRAP V.Hayabusa for PS4.


It is not detachable I can see the wires that go from it to the base. There are 4 screws on the bottom of the analog extension and then you have the regular plate screws and the Void Warranty sticker.


It could have fit at the top where the plastic was but they would have had to modify the storage for the cord or moved the Logo/Leds. Also where it is you cannot hit it by accident.

The only thing I asked them for was a Option(Start) button lock switch.


you’re right lol. V=5 I guess? Anyways, I’ll prolly buy the “HRAP V” as well.


Wait so Hori removed the “F-mode” switch that disables the start button(which the V4 has) or am I reading this wrong? Also can you post a pic of the side button/switch panel and the bottom, just curious to see how it looks with the analog module at the base.


As stated, that would have been a bigger change to the case than simply adding a hole for it in the back.

F-mode is still there.


Good to know. =)


There is no F-mode button on the side of my stick. Not like on the top of the V4.


Wait, there isn’t? But the early promotional shots seemed to show that it had one.


Sorry it took so long! Here is that pic. Notice no F-Switch. A-off A-on was Autofire.


Well, that’s a fail.

I mean, I know both big fighting games on PS4 at the moment use the “hold to pause” option, but still.


Thanks for the pic and confirmation. :confused:


what is the difference between the HRAP4 (the blue one) and the HRAPV (red one)? I’m so confused.


the Blue one, you mean the PS4/PS3 Real Arcade Pro.V4 Silent Hayabusa Midnight Blue?
Its “silent” padding in the kuro buttons and a optical board instead of switches in the Hayabusa

The Red one? The PS4 Real Arcade pro.V4 Hayabusa, is a basic PS3/PS4 Arcade stick using Hayabusa/Kuro parts

Both use the older Hrap V3 Body (not the Kai version)

Although there newer versions coming out with restyled body, and the select and home buttons are moved to the side.
Also they added a the PS4 touch pad.


I just need to figure out how replace the art but its looking like to be a pain.


Wait for Art to make a plexi for it then it’s easy as pie(unless one of the plexis work for it now, no clue)


they plexi just lies over the old art?


No. It screws in using the same holes that hold the metal top panel on the body, which is under the stock art… Tek Innovations usually supplies the screws you need to do the mod when you buy the plexi.