Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4


so just unplug the buttons, the joystick, then peel the art of off then add the art followed by the plexi.

how hard is to replace the buttons and art, never worked on an arcade stick before.


Similar to this, open bottom, pop out buttons, remove balltop from arcade stick, peel artwork off, remove top screws, put new artwork on, put plexi over it, pop buttons in, put balltop and dustwasher on, screw in new screws, close bottom of stick.

Though you don’t even have to open the stick from the bottom, just peel the 6 sides of the top art and undo the screws to remove the top.


so if you do it from the top, do you still have to pop out the buttons?


Of course


Shouldn’t the existing plexis from Arthong fit the the HRAP.4?


Possibly, Hori’s sticks all confuse me so I don’t even want to find out :o


There should only be 2 layouts for the HRAP.V and HRAP.4 which are the regular and Kai layouts.


I have the hori xbox one stick, that has the same body as the new Hori ps4 sticks. One thing you guys should be aware of is that the option for mounting sticks is limited. It does not have 4 brackets to mount the sticks but only 2. The 2 brackets are the ones typically used to mount a jlf. To put a semitsu in there you will have to be creative.


Not surprising. Hori has done this for years now.


So I have a question…I have a used final showdown hori stick coming in with the sega lindenburg layout( looks like noir to me tho) so I should be able to use the panel on the v4 correct?


So I just got the RAP 4 Kai for PS3/4. What am I in for?


Fightan gaems playin’


An arcade stick that you can use for ps3 and ps4 that cost 149.99. Not sure what you’re asking.


what is he in for?


A Hori of a time


Just ordered my V4 Kai for ps4 from arcadeshock (only place I could find where it wasn’t sold out), but it seems they are currently sitting at the port due to the port strikes.

Hopefully this gets done soon. I want it.


Looks like it’s the same deal with Amazon. The stick was suppose to ship out today but they’re still waiting on the shipments to arrive. Why is it so hard to get a PS4 stick? sigh


According to the email AS just sent, mine is shipping today. Woot.


I got a Q4RAF. Sanwa parts, stick and buttons. How does V4/V5 compare?


Ordered from Amazon as well and shipping got delayed as well. Is Arcadeshock shipping theirs out or is it just an issue with Amazon?