Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4


Hori V4 (I don’t like calling the other stick a V5) have hori made Hayabusa joystick and Kuro buttons.
Some of the newer Vewlix and Namco cabs offer Hori parts as a option.

Honestly I am not impressed with Qanba’s case design or PCB reliability.
Way I see it, If you prefer other parts (maybe Seimitsu for a example) you end up gutting both sticks anyways.


Sigh I missed out on the pre order from amazon because of credit card issues arcade shock is $80 shipping to Canada while amazon is $25 hori plz pump out more units lol.


I preordered the KAI from Amazon and it got delayed, so I wrote them an email asking about the shipping date and the gave me a $5 credit for the “inconvenience”


THE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE!!! lol seriously what do you expect people to say? It’s just a good quality stick for the PS4/3.


Autofire? But on the Japanese site, that switch is described as “Assign mode switch”, and there’s an “Assign LED”. I thought this switch was a programmable thing so you could turn off whichever buttons you wanted. And there’s already a Turbo button so there’s no way they’d put the same function on twice. Guess I’ll find out for sure when I get my RAP V later this week.




OMG why are they using glossy plastic for this one too? I’m definitely cancelling my preorder. Glossy plastic is a finger print and scratch magnet :frowning: . Just look at that picture, finger grease all over those buttons and switches. They should have stuck with matte.


Because companies hate us and think shiny means new and expensive!


I read into it more, turns out, the “Assign Mode” lets you completely turn off L1, or L2, or Options(start) or all 3 of them. You can also give those 3 buttons different buttons assignments like making Start=Select and whatnot. WOOHOO!



It sucks. Glossy plastic in electronics is like fool’s gold. It looks great and expensive and makes you want to buy it because of it’s beauty, but then you take it home and realize it is all a lie, it looks like crap in no time.


Hori PS4 RAP4 Kai Controller PS4/PS3
Just arrived from Arcade Shock
Bunch of pictures to upload, before I void the warranty

Show Spoiler for more pictures from many angles and TE2 comparison.




Back Cable Compartment open


Cable Compartment Closed


Bottom Padding. Notice Warranty Sticker Void covering bottom screw.


Right side button panel.


Side Profile


Front Profile


Next To TE2


SideProfile TE2


next to TE2 again


Edit: Interior and some PCB pics. Not good enough for a schematic, but get what info you can. Confirmed Common Ground.


Main PCB


Main PCB angle 2. Looks like a little ribbon wire is going to the touchpad Main reason I didn’t want to remove PCB.


Daughter board PCB


Is there any other way? Voiding Warranties is a Tech Talk Tradition.


Amazon is selling them again. Back in stock March 14.


might pick this up, still waiting for the te2 to be released with a sega layout



There is a translated version on the new Hori premium VLX Pre-Order Page.



I can see my first mod already.

Obviously not the ringtone box hehehe.


Anyone put a JLF in one of these?


JLF uses the same mounting plate holes and is smaller than a Hayabusa, so yes it fits


I got a Sanwa JLW and a Seimitsu LS-40 to fit just fine.
And the Sanwa JLW is bigger than the Hayabusa.

I see no reason why a JLF would not fit.


Back in stock for around $110 USD but around $50 shipping… B)


I wonder why they are so cheap over there?