Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4


Thanks a bunch @Chikalin ! MVP for me for the past 2 days! I e-mailed Hori USA about the extra bottom plates but no response yet (as expected.) I talked with Giby from Arcade Shock and he says that AS doesn’t offer extra bottom plates. I think velcro and felt might be the easy solution for now for me.

If you can trade bottom plates with your friend, hopefully you can get a cool padded Silent V. Hayabusa.


I recently saw this

3M Anti-slip tape.
its intended for floors to be less slippery, I think the Medium Resilient or General Purpose tape would work for arcade sticks.
The fine resilience tape is intended for bathtubs


I’ll give that a shot and report back the results, thanks @DarkSakul !

EDIT: Uh, maybe when I get a job again. A set of 2 rolls is almost $150 pre-tax/shipping. Must be some good stuff


Hello everyone, sorry for my bad English but I’m Italian. I bought this stick from Play Asia, but the instruction booklet is all in Japanese, I did not understand how this Assign Mode. Someone is kind enough to explain to me how to do? Or is there somewhere in the instruction book translated into English? Thank you all for your attention.


Is it possible to transplant the inside to a different case?


[quote=“Joe_Iabuki, post:404, topic:168205”]

Here is the page from the manual. Basically you can swap or disables certain buttons., Like the most common use for this would be to disable the start/Options button or at least more it to the side of the stick so you don’t accidentally hit it.


Has anyone converted one of these to a stickless (hit box) type controller?


Cannot recommend the Silent in good conscience.

There are tons of issues with the stick not picking up inputs entirely. Fast inputs, particularly ones that have you roll past cardinal directions (up, down, left, right) drop at sufficient speeds. It may just be MY model, but I’ve heard similar complaints re: other optical sticks. Fast inputs mess this stick up in general: I’ve had a lot of dropped buttons as well.

Analog may die a quicker death, but they won’t fail you while they’re still alive.


Did anyone pick up the following sticks they’d be willing to take some photos of for the “DEFINITIVE RETAIL PLAYSTATION 4 ARCADE STICKS LIST WITH INFO/FACTS/PHOTOS/ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES” thread?

I have the RAP.V Hayabusa (version 2) photos covered via user @driftlogic and the RAP.V Hayabusa Silent (version 2) isn’t released yet.
I know the internals on the non-silent stick is the same as the RAP 4 Kai, but it’d be nice to have some box shots and some top shots and maybe some shots of any mods people have done.

Perhaps you can help with photos of the RAP.V Hayabusa Silent (version 1)

Please and thanks to all.

Not that I have seen. No one has provided replacement metal panels for sticks to the general public recently with the exception of @“Jasen Hicks” providing replacement VLX panels. Unless you have access to someone who works at a machine shop, you’re probably SOL for now.

Also @d3v since this thread seems to have info for:

HRAP.V4 Silent
HRAP 4 Kai
HRAP V Hayabusa (various models)

Can we get a rename of this topic to reflect that?


I hope that’s on a case by case, I’ve been super pleased with my Hayabusa stick so far and I plan on picking up the Silent next week sometime. I really can’t wait until these new Hayabusa buttons are available by themselves, these things are pretty tits…


I have the Silent too, but atm I didn’t have any issues at all. I’m not still completely used to it (coming from a standard Hayabusa), but put in there a stiffer spring helps me a lot to have a more precise movements.


Hori Real Arcade Pro V. Hayabusa Silent :



Is that an optical stick? That one has a six pin harness instead of the usual five pin harness.




If I want to put a standard Hayabusa and remove the optical one, I’m forced to solder a new harness or I can modify the 6-pin one?

Edit: I did it myself, in Tech Talk-style. Just put your preferred lever excluding the white wire since its the HORI Silent +5v.


not using the optical?


I’ve just used the optical for almost 2 weeks, is good but I didn’t feel completely comfortable with it,especially doing dashes. No electrical or inputs issues at all, simply I’m too used with the standard Hayabusa.


Two questions:

  1. Optical sticks differs from non-optical sticks how?

  2. Is the Hayabusa in the silent hrap optical?

  1. Optical sticks don’t have microswitches,so you don’t have the tactile/audible feel from a standard lever.

  2. Yes.


Anyone have any ideas for reinforcing the cable door without taping the outside? Would like to make the door more resistant to shock (accidental drops or slamming while in a bag, etc).