Hori HRAP3 replacement parts


Hey all, I bet this has already been answered somewhere but I wasn’t able to find my answer so I’m making my own thread.
My questions are:

  1. What ***Sanwa buttons ***can I use to replace my hori buttons in my Hori HRAP3?
  2. What joystick can I buy that will work with the Hori HRAP 3 that will have a tighter gate, and by tighter I mean a ***smaller range of motion ***is required to pull off moves NOT more effort or resistance to the range of motion I already have?

thanks alot!




Both OBSN and OBSF work fine.
You can try putting heat shrink tubing on the actuator so it engages the microswitches faster. Otherwise I believe the Siemitsu 50-series sticks drop in just fine.


Standard sanwa 30mm snap ins are the perfect sanwa replacement for the HRAP.

As for the stick, you’re probably better off doing a stick mod first, see if you can’t save the money, seeing as how there’s already a sanwa stick in your hrap.