Hori in Paris


Currently my bro is in paris,I asked him to bring me an Hori real arcade pro v3, and he can’t seem to find a shop where it’s being sold, if anyone can give me an adresses where he knows for sure that they sell Hori there it’ll be great.
BTW, I’ve also given him an adress of a shop that sells Qanba but I can’t relay on it alone


Wasn’t this you from a month ago

Why your still bothering getting a Hori or Qanba to ship in from France?

Here is a link to Hori UK with a list of retailers and redistributors who sell Hori Products

If you going for Qanba and you are in Israel order directly from China, unless the import/duty tax is prohibitively expensive.


He wont ship it from France, he’ll bring him back with hin, hence I’ll pay only for the stick.