Hori is really the lead maker of home arcade sticks?

I just got the HRAP3, and this thing is ultra low quality. Not only does it look hideous, but everything about it is lame. I want my $100 back damnit.

It’s made of very light, cheap plastic. The buttons dont even stay tight in place. They move around a little. There is this protective film on the face that’s peeling off on the corners. The main black casing is made of this odd plastic material that scratches and scuffs if you even look at it the wrong way. How they could sell something like this for more than $50 is beyond my comprehension.

I am officially a Hori hater. Why does anyone like their products? Ive never purchased anything else they’ve made, but seeing that this thing is total crap, I will never consider buying from them again. I’d rather have the Mad Catz standard SF4 fightstick.

Take the film shit off.

Is this guy honestly complaining about the protective film?

The build quality of the entire thing is piss poor. It works fine, but the construction of it is weak.

Sorry to see that you’re not liking your HRAP3 there Cygnus. I got myself a HRAP2SA and I’m not finding any of the problems you seem to be having so far. Although I don’t think there is much of a way to defend the Hori stock buttons since from what I hear, there are subpar compared to real buttons.

I’m assuming my stick has the same materials used in the housing and I don’t really find myself scratching anything or anything peeling. Sucks for you though. Hope you didn’t buy the stick from Amazon.com though.

hi, welcome to the world of plastic arcade sticks. what the fuck did you expect?
By the way, it amuses me that you have made this decision that you would prefer a madcatz re fightstick (it has all the same features you complained about,) without having tried it. Did you know that even someone who oversaw the production of your beloved fightstick ranks it lower than the hrap3 which you were so dissatisfied with?


Way to have high expectations huh? HRAP sticks are one of the heavier and sturdier types but almost all of the home sticks feel the same way I’m sorry to say. You’ll be alright :slight_smile:

Yeesh, a hard post to digest. Hori is definitely one of the top, if not the lead brand for home arcade sticks. It emulates the japanese arcade feel and…well, that’s what it does.

The casing is not to some people’s tastes. The stock Hori buttons are only decent(easily switch them out for sanwa/seimetsu), but the joystick and overall feel are king. Save yourself some time and do not buy the MadCatz stick if you expect much different. And donate your Hori to someone who really wants it.

I can advise that you look to american sticks if you do have your heart set on a home joystick. You probably have a preference to more resistance in the buttons and a wood base structure. Try videogamecentral.com or the many others you can find on this site.

Dont get me wrong, the stick WORKS great, after just a quick test with SSF2THDR. I’m just talking about build quality here. It’s very light, due to light weight plastics. I’ve had this thing for 4 hours, and somehow the exterior is all scuffed up. Ive had devices built with plastic like this and they scuff very easily, just from the touch of skin. The film is peeling off around the surface nuts and just makes it look cheap. The buttons actually move around. One of them was sticking halfway out when I got it out of the box. There’s 1 small surface imperfection on the balltop. Just some hard piece of plastic. Very tiny, but I can feel it. And another black dot in the balltop off to the side. Just a color problem though, not something you can feel.

I know you can mod these things, but to spend $100 on something I dont see how anyone can blame me for expecting something that’s built a little better than this is. When I hold this thing and look at it, it looks and feels like a $40 cheap toy.

By the way, I already found someone who will buy it off me, so whatever, it’s already in the past. So where can I go to buy very high quality, sturdy pieces of equipment? Ive got money to spend.

I would buy that SF4 TE stick, but it’s like $300 on ebay. Not quite looking to spend that much, but ive got some cash to burn on something good.

Yeah I bought some bread the other day and it was also covered in a plastic film, tasted awful. If only there was a way to remove protective plastic packaging so it wouldn’t be in the way. :wasted:

That’s not the only problem, but regarding that idea of removing it, Im pretty sure it’s not wise. You remove it and after repeated rubbing of your hands on a cardboard surface the design is going to rub away and look awful.

Im just going to sell it and try and find something that’s built really nicely.

your real only option is custom, you sound like you are willing to pay for it so go in the trading outlet and pick one up, will run you around 2 bills for a quality one, that is your only real option from the sound of it

Seems like you should buy yourself a custom from one of the builders here.

What cologe said. If you cant find a custom builder, Arcade In A Box would be your best bet.

I’d spend 2 hundy’s on something good.

Sounds like you really gave an ear to what people have said so that’s good. I can definitely vouch for you, I didn’t like the stock buttons at all(hence my sanwa button switch out), and yes the surface can scratch up pretty damn easy. But I still love it anyway(and was lucky to have bought it under $100).

Customs definitely easily accessable around here. Like I mentioned, maybe a wood base might be what you’re looking for. Anything you can think off someone can do. Even…shoe boxes.

As for the TE stick, remember that a second batch will be on its way come March-April. No $300 hefty price tag by then.

Should have got a custom if you’re that picky.

The TE stick, from what ive seen, looks like it’s something I would be happy with, but I’m not interested in waiting til April 4th for a stick. If I could find one of those for $200 I’d take it, but that’s not likely.

rofl good luck to whoever sells a custom to this guy. could you imagine the complaints you would have to deal with afterward? :rofl: