Hori joystick and AV7000

I have a AV7000 with one joystick sigma 9000 TB that even if is very expensive (more than 15.000 yen) is not a good joystick so i would like to use my HRAP2 (playstation 2 connector) or HRAP3 (usb connector) but the connector of the AV7000 is quite strange… now the question is: there is an adaptor to connect my hrap 3 or if not is possible to change the cable in order to connect to the av7000?

Thank you

Contact laugh about his psx->supergun converters. Not cheap since they are custom made but the only way you can do this really.

It can be easily done, all we need to know is the connector pinout. Do you have pics?

ok these are good news, yes i have taken a pic: http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/9461/av7000connectorsb.th.jpg where i can find the connector?


heres a cable with the wires exposed already you could hack it i know that it works with the av7000 ive used it before
also the cable is the same as the kenwood 13 pin din cables you see on ebay