Hori Kai Turbo Panel Button Wiring Help


Hi, I have a ps3 Hori Kai and was thinking about getting a crossbone so I could use it on xbox one. I need some help wiring up the top small buttons in the turbo panel. (PShome, L3, R3, Select) I did a search on here and couldn’t find a solid answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


if you are handy with a multi-meter you can find those same solder points on your own.

Hang on thou, I could have a link or something for you later (unless someone beats me to it with a nice image macro).

The Hori Hrap V3 Pro SA Kai should be the exact same as the Hrap V3 Pro SA


Sadly I don’t have a multi-meter but I guess that’ll be on my list to buy haha.


Its a Tool I highly recommend
Great for troubleshooting, maping out what wire does what and projects like yours.


If you’re going to mod, a multimeter is a must. You can get one dirt cheap ( as in under $10, sometimes under $5) from Harbor Freight Tools.


Ya, just thought someone would have done this already as there’s a pic up of the regular Hori VX SA, the pcb looks different than the kai. Any tips on finding the button to the point on the pcb? There seems to be two points per button, one ground I guess.