Hori Mushihimisema: Which Seimitsu Stick Is This?


Hi all,
I recently purchased the Hori Mushihimisema stick from a seller on EBay and got it today, I had forgotten that the stick came stock with Seimitsu stick/buttons (he said he swapped the buttons for a different color set). I opened it up to have a look and found this…
Can anyone tell me which Seimitsu this is? Can’t seem to find a product description of the stick itself on any of the retail sites (they just say Seimitsu). I’m trying to figure out if this IS the actual default stick or if the buyer installed it himself.
Below is from play-asia.com:

Mushihime-sama Futari, a bullet hell shooter by Cave, was released in arcades on October 27, 2006 and is the sequel to Mushihime-sama. Also referred to as Mushifutari and Mushihime Futari. On the 21st of April 2009 it was announced at Microsoft spring press conference in Japan that Mushihime-sama Futari has been released on the Xbox 360 in Japan on November 26, 2009.

[]Seimitsu Joystick
]Equivalent to the Real Arcade Pro EX
[]Allows hookup of a headset
]Game not included




LS-32 with SS mounting plate.

I hate it when companies use that and not the LS-32-01. They could at least use quick disconnects FFS.


Ah I see. Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:


All of the classic 360 HRAPs had to be LS-32’s instead of the PCB variant because the PCB was not common ground.

But yeah, the tape + glue + solder combo is fucking annoying.


interesting. I don’t mind it, the Seimitsu is actually better for shmups (which is what I’m using this particular stick for) so it’s fine. i honestly just had never seen one default in a stick like this with the glue/tape etc…but what you just said about the common ground in the pcb makes sense. thanks again!


Without sub-gate.


And KN buttons. The HSS-0130 is like that stock as well.


Well it isn’t too hard crimping your own quick disconnects should you replace the stick.


Holy shit! Did the original owner just glue the wires onto the stick?


No, that is how HORI does it.
They solder then cover with glue.


From what I seen, it was a common practice for Hori to use hot glue over their soldering work. Even for Sanwa and Semitsu joysticks.
Solder+ hot glue + tape was a common occurrence in many older Hori sticks.

Why replace the joystick? The joystick it self is fine.

Some scraping of that hot glue and some quick disconnects is all that YESMASTER needs. Maybe replacement of the microswitches and spring if they are worn out, but that is about it.

It was common for the older Hrap (and Hrap like) Hori sticks as their PCBs was not common ground.

It was only with their newer sticks (VXL, VX, V3 and so on) that Hori switched to a common ground PCB.


PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 has always been Common Ground.
So it is not old to new regarding PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3.

Xbox 360 was not Common Ground until HORI used Vewlix.
So anything EX was non-Common Ground.

EX Premium VLX, VX are Common Ground.
Also the Noir (NX) is Common Ground.

There is a funny exception though.
Wireless FS-3 is non-Common Ground.
While the Wireless FS-EX is Common Ground.








it’s not actually.


Mushihimesama is. Mushihimesama Futari is not.


Yep. I was referring to the latter because that’s what the stick is connected to.
With a simple Swap tool, the original is pretty much region free too.


Are you talking PS2 or 360 (I assume the former)?


Mushihimesama PS2 is JPN but can be played on PS2 using Swap Magic or similar tools (no hard mod needed), the sequel Futari is region free for 360. There is also a new HD remake of the first one (the PS2 one) on 360 but it’s region locked to JPN. Cave giveth and taketh away lol.