Hori Namco PSX Sticks for Sale (Soul Edge & Tekken 2 Sticks)

I have three of these I would like to sell. Asking $100 shipped for each. First one without a box comes with a Brooks Converter PSX>PS4.


How do I buy? Tekken 2 one would be awesome

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Im personally interested in the Soul Edge Bundle

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I’m interested in one of these!

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Through Paypal. Just message me on here and we can set this up. Soonest I can ship out is Tuesday.

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Message me your info and we can go from there. Using Paypal.

If the two people above go through with the sale then the one without the box but with the Brooks Converter will be the only one available. If that’s fine with you, message me your info. :slight_smile:

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Yea no problem! Let me get off work and I’ll message you.

I sent you a PM.

PM Sent.

PM Sent to you ThePizzaGod.

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Tekken 2 stick sold.

Soul Edge stick is sold. Only the unboxed one with converter is available.