Hori Nintendo Switch RAP 5 Hayabusa Joystick feels strange!


Hello ,
yesterday my new stick arrived but the Joystick feels weird, sometimes its harder to move it in one direction and then there is also an knock that you feel and can hear (not the microswitches its before the switches activates and clicks), as if there was a resistance from something in the travel way, cant explain it very good. Like it was a break-away moment. Wont open it up cause its brand new and got warranty.

And the force that you need to move it is not equal in all directions… very wierd.

The Joy is also very stiff compared to my razor Atrox or MadCatz TE (ps3). Also my older wireless Tekken Edition PS3 from Hori feels normal.
So the Joystick feels very cheap im comparison to my owned stick.

Does anyone else have this? Maybe with other Hori Sticks?

Should i exchange mine over Amazon?

Thx in advance


The washer might have fallen out of place under the actuator. Just get a replacement and if the problem persists, open it up and slide it back into place.


Unless there are stickers that you’d have to cut in order to open the case, I would go ahead and do it to see what’s going on in there. If you’re gonna be dealing with fightsticks, hitboxes, etc, you need to learn how to mod and fix them. They are very simple devices and easy to work on. Don’t be afraid. Just look up mod videos on youtube to get familiar with the parts and dive in. Ask here if you run into something you have a question about. Good luck mayne!


Yup, this day the exchange stick arrived. It was exact the same shitty hanging stick. I can’t open it without void the warranty, because of a sticker. Really disappointing ;(.

Shmups are unplayable. Sometimes the stick got his strange hanging before it clicks and i need a little more force to move it an any direction, and then ups moved to far in an bullet. Both items will be returned. Maybe im ending with an Razor Panthera with Brooks easy kit and i´m out for everything. The Hayabusa Buttons are really nice but those strange stick is complete useless.


I love the Hayabusa joysticks but i would never use it for shmups. Also sucks that it happened again.


That’s unfortunate that it happened again. I’d really just pop it open and forget the warranty, but I get that that’s not for everyone.


Two sticks with the same issue? Sounds like a production issue to me. I could be wrong, but I’d think that the product team would want to know about it. Send an email to their support team. If you’re in the US, the email address is supportus@hori.jp


Sorry, my location is germany


Then send an email to infoeu@hori.jp

@BolSadguy is on point with his suggestion. If you get no response from Hori in a few days, open the stick and reseat the actuator washer. It’s installed on the underside of the joystick main body, and makes contact with the actuator.


seems like you’re having the same problem as some people had when the first hori stick for ps4 came out. if your game a warranty there’s no reason to open it up, just return it. this is a vid of what might be wrong with it


HEE-ah-Busa?” That’s a first for me.