Hori of USA Booth ($60.00 HRAP sticks)

Did anyone else get one of these? I didn’t get an order number or anything, but they did say that they would e-mail me a tracking number. Do the SRK staff have anything to do with them?

i ordered from them too…they gave me a receipt w/ an email and phone number.

3868 carson street
suite 304
torrance, ca 90503

the guy told me on friday that they ship in two weeks

can we still purchase these sticks? $60 tax and shipping included?

were the japs using theM?

I called them and they said they will be recieving them today or tomorrow since they are in Customs last time I talked to them, and they will be shipped out and in your hands by the end of next week at the LATEST…

Also, it was an “EVO2k5 Special Offer”, at least that’s what they told me when I asked “How can you guys sell them for so cheap?”

yeah, can we still order these? I want one for 60 bucks. thats a steal! and how would i do so? just call them an order?

We made a deal with Hori during the show to sell the rest of the Hori RAP sticks on VGO’s website. So any of you still wanna partake in those RAP sticks, Look them up. Although, the price maybe a little higher since the $60 dollar price was the show special.

hmm what’s vgo? can i get a link?

www.vgonetwork.com, they’ve been helping SRK/TZ for the past 2 years with EVO. They’re pretty down with the fighting community from what I know.

I bought one @ evo, and was wondering, have they shipped these things out yet?

has anyone gotten theirs?

the will probably be shipped out in a week.

I woulda bought one if i didnt live across the boarder. I’d get taxed like nothin else

got mine today =]

shipped today from anaheim for all the customers that bought it through VGO.

wow I live in Sacramento,CA and if they didnt ship because we bought them at EVO…

You buy it at EVO or through VGO?

got mine today, and i ordered it at evo

Did you ever get a tracking #? I ordered 2 and both times they said I’d receive a tracking #. (at Evo)


I got mine, never been happier!

Also I live on the EC so it might take longer… everyone who said they got theirs i see is location: California.


I live in Cali and haven’t got mine either. They said they would contact me via email at some point and I never got that either. Starting to get a little worried.

–Jay Snyder