Hori Official Arcade Stick EX 2 vs Hori Real Arcade Pro EX SE


So I debating on getting either the Arcade Pro EX or two of the the EX 2 with my bonus. So I did some research and read some reviews but I would rather have the input of the common man here.

SO give me your input on which stick (or sticks) I should get!

HRAP EX is the only answer.

HRAP EX SE > Fighting Stick EX 2.

EX SE is big and sturdy while the smaller FS-EX 2 will fly all over the place during gameplay.
EX SE includes seimitsu buttons and joystick. FS-EX 2 includes junk parts that will fail eventually.

Hope it helps.

Yes sir!

I still regret getting the el-cheapo MK Fightstick. It was on sale for 40 but still… Having my LP go out in the middle of a match is frustrating as hell…

Thanks a million guys!:qcf::tup:

I agree. My HRAP EX-SE is like a tank. And the seimitsu stick is love.

HRAP EX-SE all day. It is superior in just every way possible.

the EX2 is great and feels reallly good

for about 1 month, then the buttons start sticking and dying and the stick starts to loosen up.

If you want to replace the buttons, you have to desolder the buttons from the board :expressionless:

go with EX SE

Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA all day long man

…and if you can get the HRAP EX-SE lol


+1 for the EX-SE. It’s must easier to mod or fix if a button or the joystick dies on you in the future. The nice thing with the EX-SE is that the screws to open the stick is on top unlike the regular EX.

If you can get it from Amazon, just wait until it drops below a $100 (the price seems to vary day to day) and you got yourself an awesome stick that’s practically arcade perfect out of the box for cheap.

EX-SE for modding and stock looks