Hori optical joystick mod questions

I just bought a hori optical joystick and have never really been a sanwa, semitsu, hori guy but thought I’d give it a try. Some things I dont like is the spring tension feels too loose. Is there a harder spring that can fir on these or does the otto rubber garments mod “spring delete” work with a optic? Also I do not like gates. I heard a circle gate wont work right with the optics? I’m just curious what confirmed mods can be done with the hori optical. I want to achieve a stiffer more responsive tension and get rid of a square gate. I could probley live with a octagon gate if compatible.

So what’s compatible with the optic? Round gate, octagon gate, tighter spring, no spring to
rubber garment? Just need to know what’s compatible with this joystick. If nothing can be done I’ll probably just sell it off here for discounted price lol and get a sanjuks v3. I heard these are the best most accurate joysticks of the J region sticks. I do like the optical but the springs are too soft and square gates just feel real rough. I’ve played on nothing other than il lorenzo and MAS sticks. So if there’s a spring that can hit close to those sticks that would be ideal for me and some way to loose the square gate because I hate them with a passion. Any information on the subject is always appreciated to what works and does not work.

JLF springs will work on regular Hori Hayabusa levers, 99.9% sure they’ll work on Hori’s Hayabusa Optical variant.

Paradise Arcade Shop sells uprated springs I think all the way up to 9lbs.

Link is for the 4lbs version, which will make yours feel like the cabinet at the back of the old pizza parlor, in 1994, with Happ Competitions, with soda poured into them.

And yep no off the shelf Octo or Circle gate options for that lever.


Thanks a ton for the information. I did some more research when looking into aftermarket products and i see now that their is very little support for the optical version. I’m definitely going to pick up 2 different spring tensions to make the stick stiffer!

Thought I would throw out a hypothesis/diagnosis “bassed off my analization of the optical and square gate housing” on how to make a round gate work on the hori optical joystick.

My best educated guess would be that the diagonal inputs take a longer throw “or activation point” on the optic. The travel distance from point A to point B on a square is longer when u move diagonally compared to horizontal or vertical travel. Knowing this “it’s my assumption” that the optical was programmed around the square gate design. The big question now is, can a 3d printer make a round gate housing for the optic using the same dimensions of horizontal & vertical travel as the square gate. The up, down left and right can hit the same specs as the square gate but now the diagonal travel is now shortened dramatically. With it now shorter will it register at all or will it register only when it hits full diagonal travel? Also I’m guessing again that the signals being picked up by the optic are anologe then most likely converted to digital outputs. Basically once activated it will go to 100% full press, unlike anologe which will give u a value from 0-100 based on stick travel. I’m hoping their is a happy medium with the diagonal activation points so if I made a custom round gate I wouldn’t have to be at full travel to get a registered value.

I guess a better question to ask is has anyone done this or put a circle gate on? I’m curious to see what they say about the diagonal inputs. Any thought, feedback or someone who owns one have played around with different gates, your feedback would help me to figure out what I can or cannot due. Thanks everyone in advanced and
have a safe night.

Update: I’m having a 3d printed snap fit round gate being made up for the hori optical joystick. It will fit on top of original housing and have 4 mounting screw locations. The og square gate stays but the diagonals have been rounded out for a circle gate feel. I’ll update more as project progresses.