HORI or Official Arcade stick?

I know I know its been posted many times before. But this is a new game with new arcade sticks so I guess you old timer forum dwellers will have to get used to it. Just think, more and more SF competition for you all when more and more people play…

New to the forum from Australia and just getting back into SFIV. A long time sf fan back to super nintendo/arcade days… Played a couple hundred hours SNK Capcom II also… not so much Alpha 3. Anyways liking the new SFIV. The arcade stick on the Xbox 360 seems a little better then the ps3. I have the ps3 btw but play xbox at a mates house. Wanting to go the arcade route early rather then later and wanting to know which is the best to start things off… Little reading and it seems Australian arcades have the ball topped arcade sticks like in Japan and have the responsiveness I had always liked. So wanting to know which would be better considering this… The official SF IV arcade stick shown here…


or the HORI Arcade Pro 3, shown here…


I like the old school look of the HORI but really I’m after performance/responsiveness. Other than customs, is there any other sticks I should be looking at that are considered better? Or is the HORI the way to go… plus its a damn site cheaper… Money is not the issuse though. Ok, somewhat long winded post. Hopefully I’ll be on the forums a bit though, cheers…


You’re already late. You’ll have to wait at least a month for a TE since pre-orders will most likely be filled first. Additionally, the HRAP3 is also sold out. You’ll want to switch out those Hori buttons anyways, and to Seimitsu or Sanwa buttons, which the TE comes with. The two sticks come with Sanwa JLFs. So make your decision about your “performance/responsiveness” factor since the parts will theoretically be nearly identical.

Out of the box, the TE is superior. After modding the HRAP, it is debatable.

I don’t know if the PCB in the HRAP3 is common ground or not, but the PCB in the HRAP EX isn’t. It looks like you’ll want a common ground PCB so you can dual mod it since you have a PS3 and your friend has a 360. I believe the PCB in the TE is common ground, and therefore it’s better to buy a 360 TE and then dual mod it with a PS3…

Eventually your going to want Seimitsu/Sanwa buttons for the HRAP…but generally…I think its personal preference…find someone in your community and get a feel for both…No need to rush for a arcade stick…and delve into the hype :slight_smile: …If your willing to wait…get a custom stick instead

I’d say get whatever you can get first. Both are good products, but in my opinion one isn’t worth waiting for over the other, whatever get you playing with a macked out joystick first the better.

hmm. seems like i need to get a custom to get the best responsiveness/performance.

so i want the hori for the stick and case but need to get seimitsu/sanwa buttons for it?
which buttons are better?
is there a site that sells premade customs? ie hori unit with seimitsu buttons or hori with sanwa buttons or do i need to get someone to make it for me?

I would agree with this ^^. I bought two HRAP3’s based on their reputation. And I am happy, but with the HRAP3 you can’t rest the palm of your button pressing hand on the stick, or at least I can’t. I didn’t think about this and didn’t notice until I played with it for an extended session.

Also, I went to a local tourny and played with a custom stick that the joystick was much stiffer than the HRAP3, and I liked that. So I would say try as many sticks as you can before buying, and then you will probably go custom to get exactly what you want :). Or at least I am leaning that way.

If you get a stick with a good base/case, you can mode the joystick and buttons to your liking. I will have to move away from my HRAP3 because I don’t like the case the parts are in. I love the parts but not the case.

There are so many difference in any given aspect of a stick, I think you need to try as many as possible to see what YOU like.

cant do this as don’t know anyone who plays to the level where they would
have custom sticks.

this sounds like the way to go.

case on the hori looks nice.
why cant you rest the palm on the case under the stick?
from the picture it looks like you would be able to?

what are some other cases i should look at if i would be wanting to try
multiple stick/button combos?

It just depends on how you like to place your button pressing hand during play and how big your hand is ( I can barely palm a basketball if that gives you an idea of the size of my hands). Look how close the buttons are to the bottom of the case. There isn’t a lot of room there.

I like to have my hand almost laid out flat, fully extended. But if you play with your hand more closed/clinched then you could rest your hand just fine.

Does that help?


At the 35 second mark look at the button hand of both players. Their hands are fully extended and the white guy (sry don’t know his name ) is resting his palm on the case of the stick.

I can’t do that with the HRAP3, others might be able to. Again look at how room there is between the buttons and the bottom of the case for the TE vs HRAP3.

ah yeah i see. i wouldnt be able to either with the hori/hrap3
looks like no hrap3 for me…

so “The official Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition” is just known as the TE?
the one shown in the video and the site above where i posted?

And the TE has a Sanwa stick and Sanwa buttons?

So what is better than the TE?
A personalised modded one with a Sanwa stick and Seimitsu buttons?

So the best un-modded arcade stick is the TE?

Mostly the parts of your arcade stick are a matter of preference. That’s why they’re “custom” sticks. They’re made of parts to your own preference. What’s “better” is mostly in your head.

Seimitsu buttons seem to be a popular choice, but to be honest, I’m beginning to suspect that has more to do with their translucent pimped-out-ness than any actual performance benefit, Really, the only thing to do is try them both and see which you prefer.

well, i cant try multiple options of custom arcade sticks.

what are some alternatives to the hrap3, NON custom?
are any very good other then the TE?
is the TE the best un-modded arcade stick?
is a modded arcade stick really the way to go?
what do some of the best players use?

can anyone advise on the above questions…

  • Madcatz TE
  • HRAP
  • one of the best … some may say the Sega VSHG is the best out there or the Namco ?
  • you dont need to mod a TE, VSHG or HRAP SA/SE
  • differs … many use full Sanwa HRAP or customs but I think we will see many TE in the future

yeh was just thinking that then before i checked to see if there were any replies. that comp on g4 was all TE’s. could become a standard… time will tell. ill get one of them and go from there… cheers