Hori Pad EX Turbo 2


Just got a newsletter announcing this today.



Noteworthy for a couple of reasons.

First, I’m sure the pad players wouldn’t mind a new pad with 6 face buttons and an alternate to the 360’s DPAD. I’m not sure how the DPAD was on the originally Hori EX Pad.

Second, and this is the part I’m more interested in, is that this is a new pad which would appear to have digital triggers.

The Madcatz Fight pad is already by far the easiest pad to hack with triggers. This is cheaper though, so far I’ve found it for pre-order at about $33.

The only thing I’d worry about is I don’t think Hori has the best track record in making accessories common ground.

I’m going to go ahead and order one, I’ll update this thread with thoughts once I get it and open it up.


You are talking about this right?

The dpad doesn’t look like it would be that great (in my opinion at least) but reviews of the older Hori pad say it’s definitely better than the Microsoft one:

I would like a controller with turbo for games like Ultimate Alliance 2, so I was looking into this as well. I think turbo for the triggers is interesting, seeing as how people have been modding controllers for this and selling them at a premium.


Cool, good to know. I’ll still be picking one up to hope for a common ground pcb this time (it will definitely have to use a different pcb due to the different positions of buttons).

Personally I couldn’t care less about the dpad, but I’m sure people will be interested to know that it’s an improvement.


Very nice. I want one. My advice would be to buy one before they’re overpriced on eBay.


$34.99 with free shipping on Amazon really isn’t a bad deal. I might buy two. One to use and one to take apart.

It seems to look much sturdier than the madcatz controllers also.


Based on Play Asia, it should be coming out this month.

Anyone find it strange that one of the face buttons says ‘L3’ on it? Can we even assign ‘L3’ in any fighting games?!


Could it be LB rather than L3?
I have a slight feeling that it could.


I have 2 EX hori pads for xbox 360, thought they would be a good alternative for 4 button KoF games. But i found the D Pad to be too far away from the edge/shoulder of the controller, making the stretch from thumb to crest of palm become awkward and uncomfortable. This 6 button version looks like it would have the same problem. Good d pad though. Don’t know why they couldn’t make them like the ps3 versions with the d pad up top.


Good lookin out! If they are commom ground i will buy at least one to hack.


Love your avater^ & Imma so buy one…I saw a cheap one at buy.com


Buy.com has em for $28. Assuming that these are common ground (and that the cost including shipping hopefully drops to $30ish at some point) then I could see these being real freaking nice for 360 padhacks. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this one to see where it leads. . .


Ah shit it out in walmart (well the gamepad is)…I just order one, I am so happy to play it…


If anybody’s still looking for one of these, Buy.com has them for $31.33 shipped:




I saw this in a Fry’s electronics store. Not knowing if it was common ground or not stopped me from buying.


Apparently the D-pad on these is awesome. Amazon’s reviews corroboarate this.


I am thinking of going to Fry’s electronics, buying the pad, crack it open and test it out with a multimeter to check for common ground, screwing it back together and doing a return if it isn’t. I’ll let you know if I decide to do it.


Has anyone opened one of these? Photos of the inside would rock!


any updates on this pad? how good is it, i’m thinking of getting one so i can play on xbox 360 tourney setups


I have yet to see one at a store.


I got mine from walmart. It works real good.