Hori Pad EX Turbo problems

I just recently bought a HORI pad EX Turb controller from play-asia and everything works great but the trigger buttons. I noticed there is a delay when I press them and when it registers in the screen. How much of a delay? Well let’s say when I use it in SF4 I have to press the right trigger button first before up when I input a flash kick for it to register. Also I have to press it early if I want the jump in to hit, If not nothing comes out or it comes out so late that my jump in becomes an empty jump.

I already wrote HORI and email and waiting for their reply, but I was wondering if other people encountered this problem, or are there any suggestions on what I can do. Is there some modification that I can do? Everything’s great already just the triggers now are the problem :frowning:

Hope someone can give their advice