HORI PlayStation 3 Real Arcade Pro. N3-SA Template


Is there a template for this particular model?

I have seen templates for other models except for this one.


Same as the Soul V / TTT2


The HRAP N3 SA uses the same button layout as the Hori Soul Calibur V joystick.
Do NOT mix it up with the Dead or Alive/HRAP A3 model… the buttons are shifted to the right on that model and line up closer to the vertical with the 'Start Button.'
EDIT: I was wrong about the button shift… The Hori Dead or Alive 5 Model has the buttons shifted to the LEFT… The SCV/N3-SA model has the buttons lined up closer to vertical with the ‘Start Button.’ You can see that clearly in the product sample pics for the Plexis… You still want to get the Plexi for the Hori SC V joystick IF you have the ‘generic’ HRAP N3-SA release.


It was about a year/year-and-a-half before Hori actually finally gave the HRAP N3-SA an official name! Before that, it was branded the SC V/TT2 stick without having an official ‘HRAP’ model number…

Art Hong’s Tek Innovations website has an artwork template for the Hori SC V joystick… that’s the one to use for the HRAP N3 SA.


Thanks guys!