HORI Portable PS3


Amazon got it. Pictures. PS3 not included, so that’s $500 total.


Curious how is the response time on those myself.



they have it to


Well personally, I think it’s a great idea for mobility. I just think that it will not be good on fighting games.


I have the one Hori made for PlayStation 2.


that’s pretty cool.


They had these on display at Evo, I played some Blazblue on one for a little bit. Seems to work pretty well, couldn’t really sense any lag, but I wasn’t looking for it much though.


Yeah, 7ms refresh rate is a little low. Then again, people will buy this for primarily for portability purposes.


Cool I can buy a ps3 nd use it like a gameboy. My life is now incomplete.


So much wasted potential:

If it used standard component inputs, I could buy two to use with a cable splitter and mock up a SF IV arcade type setup with my T.E. erm, I mean their VLX joysticks!

If they insist upon having one short built in cable, then an HDMI cable would serve the purpose well enough and would allow me to use it with other devices like a Mac Mini (would be neat for a makeshift laptop) or a 360 for lord knows what. Sure the harness wouldn’t fit with either of those devices but the option to figure something out would be nice. Maybe it could’ve served as a backup television if the main one’s already in use.

I mean sure, I suppose you could do most of it anyway with the composite but that kinda defeats the purpose of a high def. screen. Sigh…

On a another note, even though having a PS3 on the go would be sweet in and of itself, the PS3 is a fair bit less portable than the PSone and I can’t really see how you’d get consistent power for either.

Oh well, I suppose I’m not really part of the target market anyway… I have a PS3 FAT.


Can’t you get a better screen than Hori’s for $250 or less? :nono:

I would think even an old 15-17" tube like the one I have for my computer is better! You can buy a lot of old and very functional computer tubes for under $80 now! (EDIT: Portability issue aside… I don’t see how you can make a PS3 portable!)

Yeah, I don’t think the PS3 is very portable either.

My cat’s lighter than the system! :rofl:


It was designed for the PS3 slim model. The original PS3 is fat indeed.


The slim model doesn’t seem that little, either.

Sure, not as deep (thick) as the original model but it has a nice sized footprint still!

PS3 just went from a size 14WW to a size 14!


that might be true.