Hori Pro 3 premium VLX VS. madcatz TE

I want to ask for those who tried or own both. Simply, which is better? I have a TE on the xbox and planning to buy a new stick for the ps3.

“Better” is a little vague when comparing two completely classed sticks.

In terms of playability, they’re both essentially the same:
-Same Vewlix layout(VLX/HRAP V3 seems to have the stick insignificantly closer to the buttons than the TE sticks).
-Both come with standard Sanwa parts.
-Same concept in parts modding(quick disconnects).

Aside from that, you should already know that Hori tends to have better build quality than Madcatz and that the VLX is simply bigger and heavier than the TE stick. A better alternative would be to dual mod your 360 TE stick and save yourself the money unless you’re a die hard fan of this stuff and consider the VLX a collector’s items or you got the extra $200 to blow on another stick.

You should also note that if you don’t like the sound and feel of a hollow/tinny stick, you might not like the Hori sticks.

I agree with syn13, they do both feel similar as they use the same parts. I don’t use either my TE or the VLX as I fell in love with my B15 and Voltech cases. For the money you spend on a VLX you can get a custom or just get the TE and dual mod or do any modifications to suit yourself.

TE’s better than the VLX IMO. If you’re already used to the TE layout, the VLX one will feel a little off with the stick placement.

Is there a difference between the Vx and the Vlx and can the vx be dual modded.

It’s smaller, but yeah it can be dual modded. Pretty much any stick can.

Is the vx size comparable to the se and the vlx to the tournament edition

I think the VX is actually around the same size as the TE just not as wide vertically and the VLX is on another level.

Wait are you talking about the FS VX or the HRAP VX?

Thanks for the replies. As I read your comments, I think that there are no differences between the 2 performance wise. I care for performance not build or look. So I guess TE would be a better choice since its cheaper and the 2 have the same performance. On a second thought, I’ll wait for marvel vs capcom 3 arcade stick to come out. I don’t like madcatz to be honest I bought 2 arcade sticks both have malfunction ( TE had 2 broken buttons that I returned and the version less than TE has 1 broken button that I coudn’t return.) Also, I bought a SF4 game pad that stopped working and a rockband 3 mustang pro guiat that couldnt sync with the xbox at all ( couldn’t return them as I have to pay as much as they cost to ship them.) I bear a grudge against madcatz.

@syn 13, may I know which arcade stick you use? and which do you prefer the TE or VLX?

I don’t have a TE but I’ve logged plenty of time on one. But to be honest, I have two sticks and at home it’s the VLX 100% of the time because I sit on a couch while the VLX sits on a coffee table which provides the most comfortable outcome. When I’m out at casuals or friends house, it’s my Qanba Q3 RAF(kills the TE and HRAP sticks) because it’s more standard size to a normal arcade stick.

If you’re really in the market for another comparable stick, it’s the HRAP V3/VX:
This is the direct competitor towards the TE stick. Almost the same size as the TE stick but it’s pretty much made in the image of a VLX and it also has the same fault of the VLX. Very little wrist room which means it’s more less better off on a table.
Again, does dual modding really sound like a bad choice here? I love the fact that either of my sticks can be played on PS3 or 360 either at home or when I go out to a friends place.
I would take the extra money to pimp out the TE stick by look and equipment too(yes I am Seimitsu biased).

Again, as for Madcatz, you should know that:
The SE Stick is an absolute entry level equipment. The stock stick and buttons are absolute crap and should be replaced right out of the box if you’re a semi-serious player.
The TvC stick is the SE stick for Wii but with somewhat better clone parts(like Hori).
TE sticks in design is pretty flawless and the standard stick to go for if you’re looking for a decent stick. Problem isn’t with the stick but with Madcatz because they’ve had a long history of sucking before SFIV equipment(i.e. quality control).
Fightpad’s pad will eventually wear out, it’s a common fact here in the tech section, if you’re looking for an alternative, go get the Hori Fighting Commander 3/EX.

which sticks you have work on both consoles is it the Qanba Q3 Raf wireless?

Both VLX and my Q3.

thats awsome, but did you mod the VLX to make it works on both xbox and ps3? or does it come standard to be compatibale with both

To the thread creator, if you’re thinking performance, here’s a vid I don’t think has made the rounds. I’m hoping that someone who knows what’s up in the english speaking side of things would clue me in if there’s some kind of counter information to this vid, because basically it looks like dude sync’d the sticks and the TE lags:


@corrosive, Liked the video he did an amazing job and I think that we don’t need a translation here as the TE lags indeed lol

They would lose money if they made it compatible for both 360 and PS3 :smiley:
But yes, both works perfectly fine without any sort of meddling around, just plug and play.

He did a dual mod. General guide? http://shoryuken.com/f177/dual-modding-101-a-262969/

Or you can hire a modder to make your stick for both. The only stick to work with both out of the box is the Paewang, but it has terrible build quality, you’d need to mod it anyways with some decent parts. Good PCB, though

They’re exactly the same, and use exactly the same parts. Just the body sides are much longer. Your argument is invalidated.

the slant on the front edge of the VLX for your palms is quite nice.

If you only where to own 1 stick and plan on going to tournaments then the TE is for you because the VLX is far from portable.

If maximum stability, easy access to the underside, and pure shock and awe are must haves and low price and portability isn’t, then get the VLX.