Hori Pro.V3 SA and VX SE Kai (Exclusive Special Edition)


There’s a new edition of Hori’s Pro.V3 SA and VX SE being released for the PS3 and XBox exclusively in Japan by Amazon next week; http://tinyurl.com/7xrbh4c


I’ve just ordered one but I cannot find anybody talking about this stick. Did I miss the thread or is this stick being overlooked?

Here’s the differences between this special edition and the regular version.

[FONT=arial]- The space between the joystick and buttons will be widened in both sticks, allowing for a “roomy” feel and generally more comfort.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial]- Top sheet is more durable, and the artwork that adorns each of the two joysticks are printed on PET materials.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial]- An anti-slick sheet, made of metal, has been attached at the bottom.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial]- Start and Select buttons can be disabled.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial]- L1 and L2 buttons can be toggled to perform the functions for L3 and R3 instead, which can be useful for certain games.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial]- By default the stick lever is set to enter d-pad commands; now you can switch it to control the left or right analog stick instead.[/FONT]

[SIZE=15px][FONT=arial]Apart from looking awesome, the big pro for me is the distance between the stick and buttons has been increased, which is something I didn’t like about the VLX style layouts.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=15px][FONT=arial]Any thoughts?[/SIZE][/FONT]



Don’t forget to share pictures of the bottom the stick. T Stick has been mentioned before but not much since it’s JP exclusive and plus they did not change much besides the bottom

Non-slip padding

If anyone is wondering about the price, it is 13,800 Yen which is approx £110 or $170. Including shipping to me this is gonna cost around £140, and maybe import tax on top of that too!


The XBox version is 15,800 Yen.


I like the old art better The only one I ever would even consider ordering was the old VX SE version this is more of the same just more distance between stick and buttons and a new bottom panel and some truly ugly art I’ll pass

That huge “metal looking” thing around the JLF just makes it look bad


Hori really isn’t even trying anymore with some of these variants!
Very unappealing and generic.

What is with the metal bottom on the new V3-SA? Is it an anti-skid feature or just a weird design coating to convince the rabid collectors they gotta have this joystick?

Hori really is putting a lot more effort into the new-design sticks this year for sure…
It’s kind of sad to see how the HRAP V3-SA/VX has been kind of an afterthought artwise since the first variants other than the original HRAP V3/VX-SE’s came out. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the thought and effort put into this case design than there should have been.

It’s NOT a BAD case design but I never felt it left very much room for good art composition and design to be honest. It’s hard to fit much of any good mod artwork on that thing without a lot of distortion because of that narrow faceplate design!

I think a lot of people preferred the old HRAP 1/2/3 cab design to this to be honest… A lot more interior room for mods and easier button replacement plus a bigger faceplate made it more convenient in many ways.


Not a fan of the joystick being further away. Although, anything that says SE on a HRAP stick is OK in my books.


I agree with your artwork issues on this stick. After struggling with the art issues, I’m probably just going to get a carbon fiber plate for mine. Shame really cos after owning TEs and a Hori SCV, I cannot play on anything other than a V3-SA/X (maybe a VS).


I love the anti-slip material on the bottom of the joystick and I love that Hori continues to be the only arcade stick manufacturer that gives half a damn about their sticks having L3/Left Stick Button and R3/Right Stick Button functionality. These new Real Arcade Pro. V series models even have all the features they introduced on their Soulcalibur V sticks with the switches that swap button functions. Very nice!

While I’m indifferent about the increased spacing of the joystick from the buttons, I have to admit, the thing that always bugged me about the RAP V series as well as the RAP VLX sticks was the layout being off-center in a manner of speaking. Compared to the actual Vewlix panel, all of Hori’s sticks that have the Vewlix layout are off-center towards the left. On an actual Vewlix cabinet, your hands would make an equilateral triangle with your body when your hands were on the controls. On the RAP V series though, it’s more like a right triangle, with your left arm and body making the right angle sides and your right making the hypotenuse and with the RAP V Kai sticks, it’ll be even more obvious.

Not a big gripe, since it’s still fairly comfortable, but having the layout be so off-center is kind of strange to me. Mad Catz’s sticks that have a Vewlix layout aren’t off-center by such a large amount and even Hori’s older RAP cases with the modified 8-button Astro City Single Player layout were only off by a few centimeters compared to how the arcade cabinet is centered.


These may come out in the US, I saw them being advertised on INNEX (one of Hori’s distributors) based in the US.


Oh man, I’ve tried to explain this to people and some people just don’t get it. 6 button sticks are amazing for this reason alone, as they’re generally just centered right in the middle of the whole case.


That’s good news. This stick in a Noir layout would be the perfect replacement for my HRAP3-SA.
With the additional stick->button spacing, I might even be able to overlook the viewlix-style button layout and get it anyway.


IF that’s the case,

I might actually get the Stateside 360 HRAP SE design this time what with Toodles having adapter PCB kits for play on the PS3. Still cheaper than importing the either of the green Japanese HRAP VE SE releases.
I’m not crazy about paying import prices just to have a green SE variant of the original HRAP V3 SA…
An art mod on a cheaper alternative is okay by me!

P.S. – All criticisms aside, an anti-skid coating on the bottom baseplate is much appreciated!
Even with new bumpers put on, some of my joysticks STILL slip during gameplay.
Wow, with actual competition, Hori is incorporating good ideas into the new case designs and re-releases!

I’m still wondering if Hori US reps might respond to inquiries/requests about the new blue VLX variant or if that’s just a deadend. I wonder what the US market for a VLX re-release/rebrand really is? Sad thing is that this joystick is STILL probably cheaper than trying to build a VLX on your own from scratch with quality materials!


[INDENT=1]Markman posted about this and I also found the images below on Hori UK: RAP VX-SA KAI[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]The description seems to say that you can switch the function of the joystick between dpad and left/right stick, but it’s somewhat unlcear and I don’t see a button assigned for it.[/INDENT]






The upgraded V3 Kai’s are being released in the US later this year… They’ll basically be the same as the Japanese releases with a tiny exception –

Like the UK, the 360 release will be a VX-SA model NOT a VX-SE. The 360 VX-SE Kai is exclusive to the Japanese market through Amazon.jp just like the previous HRAP V3-/VX-SE releases were.

At least the anti-skid material will be helpful… Hasn’t been much love shown toward the HRAP V3 lately. I frankly think the Noir cab and the Fighting Edge are better designs at this point in time.


I’m curious if we’ll see another SE stick stateside. I’m skeptical the market can support it.


I still find these to be my favorites. I’m not a fan of the current madcatz line-up and I really like the shape of the VX/V3 design. The Edge sort of looks cool, but there’s nothing that it offers for me to justify the price tag.


I have these already. The changes are worthwhile. Check out the pics/packaging below:


TBH I was never really a fan of this stick. But at it’s current state, I respect it a lot more! GOOO.


So… when are you going to take those bad boys out and post up some pics?


You’re probably right…

People don’t like to go outside the comfort zone of “Sanwa rules! Yeah!” because they don’t know better, don’t want to try/experiment with other parts, they’re broke and can’t afford new swap-out parts, and they just believe all the hype.

Fortunately, there’s still enough demand to support importing of Seimitsu joysticks (LS-40 still more curiously short in supply after the LS-33 stateside) and the popular Skeleton buttons for part swappers. I have a fistful of joysticks I still have to finish customizing and and intend to use Seimitsu levers in ALL of them plus Skeleton buttons in about 3 or 4 of them.