Hori PS3 Compact stick


I noticed these while browsing through amiami. Looks like Hori is releasing a low-end compact stick for the Playstation 3.

Violet Blue

I can’t seem to find any info on these (can’t find it on hori’s JP site) - besides assuming stock hori stick and craptacular buttons. The one thing that intrigues me is the size of the case. If it’s easily moddable, that’d be pretty sweet.


usually very small retail sticks like that are a pain to mod.
I could be wrong, but they somewhat remind me of some other budget sticks of the past.


could be a great project to test out the new low profile sanwa 30mm buttons :slight_smile:


something tells me 30mm won’t fit in there. details on these new buttons?


I am feel they the same parts as this, with PCB for PlayStation 3.


Is it possible to use an 8 way gate on this?


Looks like a great stick for your kids at least :slight_smile:


I wonder why they went for 8 buttons on such a small stick?

Besides that, the violet blue looks nice.


Kinda cute. No 360 version?


The word is that there are certain requirements both Sony and Microsoft mandate for their licensed software and accessory developers.

MS has the (infamous) requirement for multi-colored buttons on all the third party 360 controllers.
Both companies supposely have requirements for 8-button faceplates on the joysticks for not only macro (aka “easier super move execution”) reasons for less experienced gamers but also to make the joystick controllers more versatile and usable across games besides fighters.
There are actually a few fighters that DO use 8 buttons (Marvel Vs Capcom 3) and quite a few earlier generation other genre games on consoles like the Sega Saturn that require an 8-button layout. It’s not as typical for games today but it does pop up occasionally.


I remember the PS1 Hori Compact Joystick was one of my first retail console sticks back then, from what i remember, it makes a great novelty stick or casual playing (i used it for shmups more than anything else)

Here’s an amazon listing for the 360 version btw

it’s currently unavailable, but there’s a model picture. I was hoping it would have a white casing like most EX sticks do… oh well.


i wonder how much its gonna be. kinda want that purple one