HORI PS4/PS3 Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Stick


Hori’s latest PS4/PS3 compatible home arcade controller is now appearing available for pre-order on many Japanese shopping websites, with a projected release window of Mid-February 2015 with a retail price of 18,144円 (Tax Included) with most vendors featuring a pre-order sale price of 15,300円.

The controller appears to include Analog Sticks as well as a PS4 controller style touch-pad on the rear panel.

There is no announcement regarding availability in other territories yet.

Pre-order Links / English/Import Friendly:

Pre-order Links / Japanese-only:


(My original late-night post noobed and figured the touchpad for a speaker vent.)

I have noticed a lot of sticks say PS3/PS4

Is that the speaker, or the PS4 controller touchpad?..

Those analogs sticking out there just looks… awkward.


That looks like a touchpad to me.


I’d wager touchpad as well. I’d also wager that the dual-analog nub part is either detachable or retractable. Now I see why they made that little revision tweak to the V3/X line in the front. Cool stuff, Hori.


Wow, that’s rather ugly and awkward looking, also never was a fan of that case/chassis type. What is up with the lack of next gen sticks using namco/astro layout? I guess V models was their best seller or maybe game companies choice?

I had the same thoughts of that being a speaker as well I was like WTF, LOL.


Is this really all HORI has up its sleeves? Seriously, just release another fighting edge for PS4 if this is their next “it” stick.


Release another metal VLX but for PS3/4


The Hori PS4 VLX thread

I would really like a FE, with out the stupid touch controls it currently has and for it to be thicker, and slightly smaller for it can fit in most bags.


I can see why they’d make sure to add analog sticks to their DOA5 stick, but I’m not sure why they scrimped on sixaxis support. How am I supposed to jiggle tittays in Private Paradise mode!? I want to shake my entire stick, dang it.


i hope those analogs are detachable because it looks ugly.


That has to be one of the ugliest Hori sticks I ever seen.

Also Vewlix layout… bleh.


Although it does look ugly good to see hori is releasing products


I totally agree here.

My thoughts are more along the lines of, while it’s ugly, I’m glad to see that there are going to be arcade sticks with analogs. Not the whole LS-DP-RS switch thing, but with actual analog sticks. There are many games that are normally played with a controller that I’ve wanted to play with a stick, but couldn’t, due to the absence of analog sticks. While I’ll admit that, with fighting games in particular, the analog sticks aren’t really all that useful, but it helps to branch out arcade sticks to other genres.


Still who needs nasty analogs in a fighter?


People who want easy camera control for… reasons that should be pretty obvious in DOA’s regards.

Coincidentally, I wonder if the analog sticks also serve as L3/R3 buttons.

I can’t even find any info on whether the lever/buttons are Hori or Sanwa since Hori has made no official statement of the stick’s existence, yet. I have to imagine it’s Kuro/Hayabusa, though, since they haven’t really put Sanwa in any of their sticks lately.


I wonder if the analog sticks aren’t on a removable attachment. It seems like the thing they’re on isn’t solidly mounted onto the case.

For Hori at least, they have a partnership with Taito who pioneered that layout on their Vewlix cabs.


Gotta say…i dont really like it. Im really not sure what the purpose of the analog sticks and the touchpad will serve, but i guess time will tell.
Until then this is a stick ill be skipping.


According to Arcade Shock, the V4 is now discontinued. This must be the replacement. Cant say I like the analog sticks, though the touchpad is a pretty cool add on, Makes messaging way faster.


I guess they’re trying to add more value to their sticks by adding the analogs and touchpad.

That said DOA5LR is a good game to feature the analogs since the extra modes (photo, etc.) do use the analogs.


I just realize the DOA Stick is a modified Hrap for the Xbox One Xbone.


XBone Hrap

Boob Giggle Physics the Fighting Game Hrap