Hori RAP 4 Premium VLX bag suggestions?

So I bought this stick about a year ago for PS3/PS4 mainly for SFV and I really think it’s a great stick. However, it is indeed extremely heavy to lug around during travel for tournaments and such in which case the smaller Mad Catz sticks are probably better suited. Anyway, I’m wondering what’s the best bag to buy for this behemoth? Can’t seem to find many options out there. Thanks for any help!


Holy crap that bag is $100.

Looks perfect, though? Anything cheaper? lol

You should look at bags that carry sports equipment. I use a tennis bag since thats what I play.

hehehe yup any gym bag would work but not padded. Mine is still on the way and it stays at home.

An official Hori bag used to be available.

Now that there have been two new VLX arcade sticks released in the last two years, they really need to make those bags again. There’s a good amount of people who would buy them.

I really wish the new RYU FS Traveler bag from ArcadeShock/Splitframe would be available in a VLX compatible form. I like the looks of that bag quite a bit more than the current Splitframe bag for VLX’s.

ArcadeShock RYU FS Traveler