Hori RAP-EX issues after replacement plexi panel


Hey everyone,

Just hoping someone can offer me a little information on how to make this stick work again.

I purchased a full replacement plexi from art. When I was trying to unscrew the joystick mount to swap in the plexi, it was quite apparent those screws weren’t going anywhere. So I brought out the dremel and a cutting wheel and just took the heads of the screws off. Mount came off. All was well.

Swapped the metal panel for my shiney new plexi and everything worked. However, I noticed that if I strike a button too hard it activates the other buttons around it. Like, lets say I hit FP with any bit of force, HK and MP will show as being hit and all of a sudden I’d get a taunt.

The only sense I can make of this is that the plexi will naturally flex and transfer vibrations more than the stock metal plate. This is causing the sensitive as hell sanwas to trigger. It’s so annoying to the point I don’t even play on this stick and it’s pretty much useless.

The only ideas I have to fix it are:
1.) spend 30-40$ and order semitsu buttons and pray they aren’t sensitive enough to active due to the vibrations.
2.) Somehow figure out a way to mount the joystick to the old metal HRAP panel. Since I cut off the screws, I am not too sure how this would be done.

Any ideas how to fix this would be awesome.


:frowning: I am disappoint.


play like a female and be gentle with ur buttons, care for ur buttons, love ur sensitive sanwa buttons


i thought you were supposed to peel the art from the metal plate … then put the art on the metal plate and then put the plexi on?


This is Acrylic Replacement Panel.
It removes the stock Metal Plate all together.

It is from arthong.
And it is for Custom Button Layout, or just to look cool.


ok thanks for clearing that up


Take pictures of what you did to the old metal panel/mount so people can see exactly what you did. Is it as simple as drilling out the old screws and replacing them?