Hori RAP V Hayabusa for Nintendo Switch Help


This is my first fightstick and its a lot of fun learning how to use it. That being said, I’m learning a flaw in the stick…at least for me. The box for the joystick is in a square pattern and I’m having trouble getting my movements down. It’s not a super tight stick either. Any advice on upgrades or modding my current setup to an octagonal set up of some sort? I can’t seem to find anything for the switch controller yet online. I play SFII primarily. Thanks for any help.


IMHO there are no flaws with the hardware, the flaws are with us. Clean your inputs, practice fireball traps, repetition is the key, a sure way to get more precise with your stick. Not saying you aren’t trying but sometimes diligence can go a long way.

There are Hayabusa octagonal gates. Focus Attack is going maintenance so the website is down, check them out once they resume business.


You can also opt to mod a Sanwa octogate this way.

As for the tightness of the stick, you could look for a heavier spring, I’ve never done it but it can be done to JLF stick so I don’t see why it couldn’t be done to a Hayabusa.

I suggest to get used to what you got, just as a learning curve to work with a stick and get a better feel for things, then afterwards and once comfortable you’ll find what suits you best after experimenting with different parts.

Good luck!


thanks for the info! I agree its a really nice stick the fault is definitely in my lack of use. I just feel like I’m accidentally hitting the direction down forward or back up on accident to often. Theres definitely a sweet spot to find. Ill look into Focus Attack once they’re back up and running. thanks again


NP, glad I could help.


It’s really just a muscle memory thing. Once you get better you’ll stop running into the restrictor as much, and the shape won’t really affect anything. When you start you’ll have a tendancy to run the stick against the square-shaped gate, which makes it hard.


I’m starting to get it, you are absolutely right. I bought a Madcatz for my PS4 to play SFV and its like second nature to me now using the square gate. Practice makes perfect. Playing any fighting game feels like a brand new game to me now, its a great feeling.


@hair_bun_warrior Yeah bro, stick with the JLF and square gate. You always want to play on stock components. If you ever have the fortune of traveling to Japan and playing in the arcades there, most of the cabs are going to be stock Sanwa jlfs with square gates. That’s everything from the 3rd strike cabs to the Tekken 7 cabs. Also, if you’re ever in a tourney and your stick goes out, you can borrow someones stick which will most likely have a stock jlf or Hori Hayabusa (same thing for the most part) in it. Anyway keep practicing with it and know that you have one of the best levers ever made in your stick. Get good with it! Later dude!


thanks for the response! man I’ve been playing with the square gate for so long now since the initial post that I’m fine with it. its second nature now. I haven’t been playing my Hori much anymore though because I’ve been really into Street Fighter 5 now and I got a Madcatz TE2 Chun edition that I’m playing the crap out of online haha