Hori RAP v5 Question


I’m new and all to fighting games and arcade sticks. I did my research and I’m currently leaning on getting the new Hori RAP v5 for my PS4, heard good things about it. The only question I have is, how hard is it to change the artwork to this stick? I searched and so far I don’t see much information on guides on how to do this if I want to with this stick in mind.

I know in general modding this kind of stick is a bit tough and not as friendly as Madcatz TE2 (my other option… but that price is a bit steep for me, but I love the mod friendly approach).

So is there any info that can help me answer this question? I’ve searched Youtube and Google to no real luck except old guides on v3 models at best.

Thanks in advance.

You didn’t do your research well enough then. There is no HRAP V5. :smiley:

There’s an HRAP 4 Kai
There’s an HRAP V Hayabusa
There’s an HRAP V4 Hayabusa

Back on topic, it’s pretty annoying to change artwork on ANY Hori stick. It’s pretty much the same process on any of Hori’s recent RAP or Fighting Stick series (anything V3 or VX).

To be fair some of the listings on Amazon and eBay incorrectly label sticks as a Hrap V5 despite no Hori product having that designation.
But FreedomGundam right there no such thing as a Hrap V5.

Ahh ok, and yes Darksakul, I mostly saw the V5 off Amazon and other sites and when searching with the ‘5’ I would see the same stick so I just assumed. Thank for that.

I’m still assuming the V is the latest model? I will likely pick one up today as I’m stuck on a PS4 without a stick.

It was probably listed as HRAP V5 because Hori made 2 versions of that stick. The first model, which is the black and red kept the home, select, L3, R3 and turbo on the top right like the original HRAP models. The second version moved those buttons all the way over to the right underneath the start button and they included the touchpad for PS4. The first models are discontinued but you probably can find in online somewhere.

V is not the latest model, V is for Veiwlix, as it it uses a Veiwlix layout, thats all. There also N for Noir and A for Astro.
There this complex naming/numbering scheme that does not always make sense.

Hrap is short for Hori Real Arcade Pro (one of the more “premium” sticks).
Hori throws around the Premium tag more for the price rather than the actual quality of parts.
Prior to The V series, most of the push buttons were cheap knock offs.

If you see WHRAP that is Wireless Hori Real Arcade Pro.

If you see FS, thats for Fightstick, this is their cheaper than Hrap line
if you see the prefix Mini, stay away. They are super cheap in construction.

What Conosole
After the Hrap, you have a letter for the layout, then a number for what console its on
2 - PS3
3 - PS3
X or EX - Xbox 360
4 - PS4
(there no “number” for the Xbox One)

VLX is for the VLX format which is a Near clone of a Veiwlix arcade panel.

So the Hrap 3 is a ‘premium’ stick for the PS3.

Next part is what brand parts it uses
SA - Full Sanwa
SE - Full Seimitsu
The Hayabusa symbol - The Hayabusa Joystick and Kuro Buttons

And often Hori throws PRO in the name for no reason other than it sounds cool
and if the stick silent you have silent on the end

So it not just a HRAP V4 Hayabusa, but in fact a HRAP V4 Hayabusa Pro. The Extra Pro is meaningless.
Also alot of 3rd party venteds import from japan, and the only English Text is Hrap V so people confuse the V for the roman numeral 5. Which is funny as Hori never used Roman numerals.

Also many Game themed sticks will ignore the naming scheme all together.
Those sticks that don’t say Hrap are not a Hrap stick, so the Teken 5 stick is not a Hori Real Arcade Pro, just a cheaper stick where you are paying for the character licensing

Wow thank you for all the helpful information DarkSakul.

I ended up ordering the Haybusa Rap V.

I just have one last question. Do these sticks have the ability to power on a PS3/4 from standby ?

I’m testing that now and I will say no. I’m press the home button and nothing happening for PS3 and PS4.

Quick question, can you swap out the square gate for an octagonal gate?

Not without modding(cutting etc) it that people have done in other Hayabusa related threads I think

You would have to replace the Hayabusa joystick with a Sanwa JFL and swap the square gate for a octagonal gate.