Hori RAP VX SA Good or Not?

[SIZE=4]S[SIZE=3]o I am searching around for a good fight stick equivalent to a TE stick because they are insanely hard/expensive to get in the UK. So is this stick any good? [/SIZE][/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]Hori Officially Licensed Real Arcade Pro VX SA **[/SIZE]

VX-SA uses same parts. Equal in quality.

The VX-SA is slightly lighter. Despite that, it seems just-as-stable-as/more-stable-than a TE when people are mashing on it (since the stick is closer to the center than on the TE). Makes it easier to carry.

The home and start buttons are a little prone to accidental hits - you’ll want to open up the stick and remove the button plunger so start doesn’t get hit on accident. Home is just something you’ll have to remember to avoid, but if you are crafty you could modify the button to be less sensitive or more shallow.

If you go into modding your stick with LEDs, plexiglass top plates, or do a dual-mod, know that the TE is more supported for such things since TEs are more common.

I’ve got the VX-SA and I’ve never had any problems hitting the Start or Home(really?) buttons, personally. Otherwise I love the thing. Much easier to mess with than the EX series internally, wide base and grippy feet make it very stable. The layout discards the usual curved HRAP button format…basically it’s Hori’s take on the TE set-up, but a nicely built stick…IMO