HORI RAP VX-SA (looking for hori drivers pls)

hi there!
I m looking for the drivers for joystick HORI RAP VX-SA (X360)
it dont works on mame (only buttons 1-6)
xpadder do nothing more
I downloaded this driver, my pc recognize it, some others emulators like makaron to
here is a pic of my stick
thanks a lot

Windows XP recognizes my VX-SA as a standard 360 controller automatically. All buttons work just fine for me in GGPO, SF4, and even Skyrim (lol). Sounds like a MAME problem in your case.

thx 4 your reply
I can play all TypeX games to (SSF4AE, Samspirits sen etc…, makaron games to)
another game I cannot play is Otomedius
but MAME accept without problem my pad logitech precision, it’s really strange
I m not sure it’s mame only which have a probleme
btw what can I do on MAME for fix that issue ?
p.s. I m on win7

i’m also able to use my vx-sa just fine on my pc, but i havent tried using it with mame.

maybe JoyToKey will work. its a keyboard emulator for joysticks. it converts a joystick input to a keyboard input. so for example you could map your six face buttons to y, u, i, h, j, k. naturally you’ll also be able to map the joystick to keyboard inputs as well.

http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey English Version.htm

I know it, it dont work, he dont recognize my directions
xpadder recognize it but not joytokey
joytokey have same issue than MAME, he recognize only my 6 buttons
when he ask me to map the directions nothing happends