Hori RAP3(White) question


I’ll try to make this short, I made a topic on gamefaqs (Which was of no help), and it got no replies, but I figured since my question dealt with an arcade stick anyway, I heard Shoryuken forums was a great place to come for questions like this.

So, I planned on buying a Fightpad for the time being until I figured out what kind of arcade stick I wanted. I finally settled on a Hori after some research, and found out today my SF4 Fightpad was backordered(No idea when it’ll restock now). So I got a refund, and now I’ve decided between two Hori’s.

I just wanted to know, the new Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for the PS3 that comes in all white:


Are these only going to be made for a limited time? Or will these all white RAP3’s continue to be made with the standard all black RAP3’s?



The White one can only be ordered off Amazon.co.jp website and they don’t sell directly to the US, so you’re going to have to get it through a dealer for ~$130. Everything except the color is the exact same thing as the one on the Amazon.com US site for $100.


Ok, thanks for clearing that up, guess I’ll go ahead with the regular one.


I’m looking for the white one as well, do you know where I can get it at? Play-Asia is backordered.


damn, so sexy!


I must say, im liking this one better than the US one. But since I got the US one coming, I think I’ll do an opposite color scheme. Top panel white, and the body of the controller standard black.


i woulda ordered the white one had i known about it lol


That baby sits on my coffee table and I do love her.


i just ordered the normal one off of amazon.com from VideoGameAdvantage for $130 a couple days ago.
Did i get ripped off?:sad:


Joystick demand has risen tremendously since the release of SFIV, I would say having the stick for an extra $30 is worth it especially since loons are paying ~$400 for the MadCatz TE stick.