Hori rap4 Kai stick loud clicking. Can u dampen this?


I just got the stick and it’s awesome but i play at night and the hayabusa stick make a very constant clicky sound whenever I move it. I know it’s normal but can it be modded to be more silent.



Buy the optical Hayabusa from arcadeshock, or replace it with a silent jlf, or get a regular jlf and install an optical pcb


Awesome thanks.

Any difference between optical and analog performance?

What’s better?


That’s not a valid comparison, because those are two completely different things.

Maybe you meant “optical and microswitch”?


To answer THAT one. Theoretically optical should be more accurate and could have a much longer life span than standard microswitches due to to complete lack of moving parts during play. I personally prefer optical after playing on the Flash1 clones and the Wico and Happ P360 (some of the Happ ones seems pretty shoddy tho, but I only tried those on other people’s sticks and not own one myself). The movement is completely smooth and the only indicator you hit a direction is the gate and there is no bump or click whatsoever. So it feels weird moving to optical at first for some because of the complete lack of tactile feedback on whether they hit a direction or not. If you are handy with a dremel, it is possible to fit some of the JLF Flash1 optical ones into the Hayabusa. If you want feedback on whether you activated a direction or not, then I wouldn’t suggest optical. But other than that I really love optical, even tho I kinda miss the tactile feedback sometimes, but I love it for MvC2.


That’s a lot guys. Clears a lot of things up.

I had no clue this stick business got so in depth.
I come from the audio world and I though we were the only insane gear freaks out there.
I guess gear lust is everywhere


lol, trying to get more into the audio world myself. But the world brings new things to the arcade market every year, the creativity and dedication our community puts in is just crazy sometimes. But making an ODAC+O2 combo is actually on one of my projects list atm, so I know a bit on audio myself. xD


Cool. Thx. I’m come from a music production background so I’m more into studio gear.
Good converters will make a huge difference in the translation of the sound but you also need a good set of monitors(spesrkers) that will give you what you want. Good convethere on hifi speakers won’t do much unless they are really good(have good freaquency response)high end ones.