Hori Real Arcade 2 SA (HRAP2SA) restock at VideoGameCentral.com!

I got some info that game retailer www.videogamecentral.com will be getting an exclusive shipment of about 200 of these sticks. They’re available for pre-order, and they should be shipping some time in July. I’ll post more when I know more! Here’s the link:


It seems like they’re selling it for the cheapest price I’ve seen yet.

Anybody know what adapters they’re specifically selling with these?

I’m curious what they’re using for the PS2->XBOX and PS2->PS3 adapters.

do they mean sa’s or se’s ???

I would have a problem ordering from a store that can’t even list the item correctly…


Wow, that is quite the deal.

I’ll get one if it’s the SA for sure.

The picture shows and SA, so I figure they just had a brain fart.

any one know how much they charge for shipping?

Yea, they’re SA sticks, I checked. The guy listed it as SE for marketing purposes.

So what kind of converter is the ps2->ps3 one that you can add?

Wow, I’m really tempted to go for it. That is a really good price, and if the shipping is reasonable then it will be GREAT!

Sorry for the late reply. The TAC converters made for Guitar Hero are excellent. I’ve tested and used them myself. They’re basically the next Pelican converters, just for under $20.

no they suck and have lag. The best non-Pelican converters are the REAL-brand converters which have no lag whatsoever.

I’m sorry they are not the ‘next Pelican converters’ … but they are decent I guess.

Hopefully we will receive word that the HRAP2SAs have come in on Sunday. Site says around 7/20/08

Hahaha, ES I like that blunt ass reply.

Just wanted to let you guys know that the sticks will begin shipping either tomorrow or the next day. For those of you who pre-ordered, sit tight, they’re coming! The list of pre-orders is actually being compiled as I type this.

Thx IcyCool, you guys are cool you actually give status unlike some local Import stores where I live <cough> Toys-N-Joys </cough>

Thanks dude! I’ve been part of the scene since before I started working for VGC so I know what people usually are looking for when it comes to game companies. That’s why I try to keep everyone updated because I know when I pre-ordered a new stick or something I always wanted to know what the fuck was going on with my order and stuff, so I try to settle qualms before they start.

Looks like Videogamecentral is a Live Search cashback store. There should be an additional 16% off. You will get your 16% back after 6-8 weeks. Create a free account and go to this link…


Click on Videogamecentral and purchase the stick through there.

$159.99 -16%

Total $134.39 (+Tax and Shipping)

I believe the LiveSearch cashback applies to the items purchase price, and not the total price after tax+shipping. I’m getting around $170 total to CA. Please correct me if im wrong :wonder:

Just bought one today…

w the crappy convertor…