Hori Real Arcade 3 ball keeps spinning loose

My Hori Real Arcade 3 stick ball keeps coming loose… I unscrew the ball off and took out the black plastic tube thing out. That helped tighten the ball. Have any of you guys experience the same?

never… Unscrew the bottom and stick a flat head screw driver into the buttom of the shaft, youll see the indentation, then with your other hand tighten the ball. If that doesnt work you could always use the same method to take off the ball put a small dab of super glue and QUICKLY screw the ball back down onto the shaft.

Dont put to much to where you cant unscrew it back off with just a small amount of force

Open the stick up from the bottom.

You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver and a 7mm nutdriver (for ease).

Once you expose the underside of the top panel you’ll see something like this under the lever portion.

Use a flathead screwdriver to keep the center of the stick firmly in place while you manually screw the ball top from the top side of the panel. You will be able to ensure it sticks on tight this way.

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Ok, thanks I’ll give it a try.

But are you guys keeping the black piece thingy on the stick under the ball?

nah your good pictures are always a good thing. Now if you could just hand over that HRAP 3 SE :arazz:

The dust/shaft cover? Yes.

Esjihn: :slight_smile: