Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA (Sanwa) Edition - Coming April 17th!

Just recently Hori announced they will be taking preorders for the upcoming Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA(Sanwa) Edition.

It will retail for 10,000 Yen ($97 USD as of this post) and will ship April 17th.

It is only available on Hori’s web store.


Let’s hope this actually comes out and doesn’t end up like the HRAP3 SA lol.

I saw this, very nice.
I wonder if those 24mm buttons are Sanwa (they were not before I think).

EDIT: According to Hori it IS OBSF-24 :), that means we have a new color :D!

Wow excellent news, I’ve been chasing after HRAP2s with little success with the intention of swapping the buttons for Sanwas but this is just going to make everything simple. That is of course, if I can actually get my hands on one D:

Damn it Per, you are on the ball! I opened this thread to specifically post this observation, and then I was going to ask you if you could get them for us. :rofl:

EDIT: I spread the news into the Sanwa/Sei megathread for cross-pollination fun!

When I see new stuff I get excited :D.
Personally I think it is the same with these buttons as with the Vermillion OBSF-30RG`s that was on the HRAP1-SA which could not be bought :(.
But we will see…

I want this stick.

Holy Fuckarooney Batman. I think I will buy this and put in an Xbox 360 PCB.

TheRealNeoGeo are you gonna be stocking these, or do I need to learn japanese and order through the HORI site?

We will be selling these. More info about preorders will be up on my webshop soon.

man i need to find a job quick. Has hori made an all seimitsu hrap?

Awesome. I will prolly preorder this stick sometime in the next few weeks.

Yes, it was called the HRAP: SE.

looks over at his HRAP2 modded with Sanwa buttons

:wonder: Nice idea, but I think I’ll pass.

The top panel looks like the ones in the HRAP3

I just want the blue turbo switches. I’m not a real big fan of the red ones.

Slightly off topic, but did the Pelican PS2->PS3 adapters work with the HRAPs?

God damnit!!! I got two HRAPs but the top panel is sooo damn sexxaaayyyy!!! I hate you hori :mad:

Damn and I just ordered a HRAP2 too…

yea they do

This stick looks almost exactly like the scrapped Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA that was slated to come out last year…

And on the topic of the SE, man I wish I had one of those… my holy grail of arcade sticks :frowning: