Hori Real Arcade Pro 2

Here’s another version of HRAP, I wonder it’s being sold at TGS 2005… Take a look:


Anyone know the specs of it?

Looks like the same as the sanwa hrap but in white.

Looks like they are using up all the left over Tekken 5 cases.

They should start reproducing the LS-32-01 ones. I changed my stick in one of mine to one of those and am extremely pleased with the result.

oh my god. a must get item

looks pretty darn good. :tup:

The Pro 2 has the same layout as the T5 HRAP.

Face buttons on the left side then the 4 shoulders on the right.

^ The button placement though looks like it’s done like the SA/SE HRAPs, which is better than the T5 HRAP’s goofy button placement.

Only the stick is Sanwa, but that was the case with the original HRAP so that’s no big surprise. Better hope the buttons have quick disconnects though, and aren’t soldered to the board like the T5 Stick’s.

It’s highly probable that it will have QD’s, the regular HRAP’s PCB is in a module with the turbo switches.

Looks like we’ll have about as much access to the HRAP2 as we did the SE and SA versions; it’s a Horistore.com exclusive :annoy:

Well if anybody is in Japan right now, you could pick up a Special Addition (full Sanwa) HRAP at TGS2005. Though there aren’t any plans of them putting it back up on their online store or thru anything else. Heh, looks like they had quite a few stashed, too bad those SE Seimitsu HRAPs are long gone. =/

The Special edition will sell at TokyoGameShow only (reproduction). The HRAP 2 will sell at hori stores starting Sep. 16:th.

Nice looking stick - I like the looks of it over the original RAP’s.

I’m not going to get my hopes up about it being released over here - I’m still bitter from getting the shaft with the Special Addition/Edition nonsense. :lame:

Anyone could get a price estimate? Also this is more of an in-depth link of the stick if it helps: http://www.hori.jp/products/ps2/controller/realarc_pro_s_fix/index.html

That’s not the HRAP2; those are the Special Addition and Edition sticks, which are long since sold out, aside from the SAs being available at the TGS this year as mentioned by others earlier in the thread.

Planning to get either Special Addition or Special Edition… Guys, which one is more worth getting?

Please guide me.

Anyone here who have a friend at Japan that can buy it for us?

I have. Is it the HRAP2 you are talking about?

Here are the main features of Real Arcade Pro 2.
1.Same mechanical parts of Real Arcade Pro
(Sanwa stick, Buttons with faston connectors, etc.)
2.New color
3.Arcade perfect button layout

It is an online store exclusive model.
But, it is not a limited model.

So, send request to HORI USA.