Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 modding questions

Has anyone ever modded an HRAP 3?

If yes, what can you mod on it? and what parts are compatible with eachother?

what joystick and buttons are compatible with eachother? can you put translucent buttons?

try searching

I’ve modded mine :smiley:

I answered half of these questions through your numerous PM’s. Why ask again, and start new threads?

Ask this kind of stuff in the Newbie forums. It is there for this reason.

Yo big ed, are those translucent buttons?

Those buttons look like Sanwas, so no they’re not, unless I’m wrong. And yes, you can put in translucent buttons. You’ll need to sand down the nut for the X button a bit since it’s a very close fit. Please use the search function + stickies. The answer is ALL over the place.

no I didn’t put translucent buttons on them, they are regular sanwa buttons, but I put seimitsu bubble balltops.