Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 Price


Hey guys, figured I’d throw this quick question here. I managed to find a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for 60 bucks and bought it. So question was, good deal or no? I know the buttons are not sanwa but I can learn to mod and what not. Figured I saved over 60+ dollars compared to the madcatz TE


and HRAP3 for 60 bucks is a steal!

Very good deal. Hori buttons are pretty good, not like the madcrap shit they put on the SE.


How did you get it for 60 bucks??


Pre-SF4 hype that’s quite a fair price. Now, that’s a steal. Swap out the Hori buttons with Sanwa/Seimitsu of your choice. Add it up and it will be cheaper than a new TE or modded SE.


hell 80 to 100 bucks is a decent price.


Used + Ebay. Great condition and everything. Can find anything on there for cheap if your patient. Happy to know I jumped on the deals.


I bought one today on eBay for $60 so there out there just keep your eyes open.