HORI Real Arcade Pro. 3-SA + Seimitsu LS-56-01

Hi everyone, I’ve recently become very interested in creating an arcade-style setup (particularly for playing Touhou and other shmups).

I’m looking into getting an arcade controller that will connect to a PC, and I’ve read good things about the Real Arcade Pro 3-SA. However, I’ve done some research and have read that the common consensus for shmups is Seimitsu sticks.

Would the Seimitsu LS-56-01 be able to replace the stock Sanwa stick that’s pre-installed in that controller? I really just want to get a nice controller with a Seimitsu stick if possible, but I haven’t had much luck finding anything premade that’s available. I have no idea how to do a custom build, and I didn’t find any pcpartpicker-type sites where I could order everything I’d need for a custom build anyway.

Yes i shoud be fit

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There’s a few sites you can pick up all the bits for a custom, Focus Attack, Paradise Arcade just off the top of my head

I have modded 24 different arcade/fighting sticks and even built one out of a cigar box and an NES Advantage, another from nothing but a 1996 Hori Compact Joystick controller PCB, scrap wood and clear plastic Dollar Store photo frames. All the tools you need to make anything work BillBoyTM, are a decent solder gun, basic mechanical and soldering abilities, a Dremel and a drill. All the parts you need are available through many sources such as Focus Attack, Paradise Arcade, Arcade Shock, IST Mall, AKI Shop, Arcade World etc. You can make any joystick, even Korean fit and work in any box, if you have a mind to. In some cases I have had to extend the case and or do extensive Dremeling, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

The 5 pin harness should plug right in

Try one of these too