HORI Real Arcade PRO 3 SA



Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on this stick? Was going to purchase one from play-asia this week since the AUD is doing fairly well but unfortunately now they are out of stick.

Just wondering if anyone here purchased one of these sticks and their thoughts compared to other sticks that are roughly in the same price range as the TE stick.



HRAP 3 SA is a great stick. But where are you ordering from because Play-Asia doesn’t have them in stock.

The SA editions are always going to be great because they’re all Sanwa parts. The only difference between that and a TE stick is size and aesthetics (well there’s turbo too on the TE, but who uses that?).


Yeah they just ran out of stock like last night, since i was looking last night and all was good. I was being greedy and hoping the AUD would climb just that LITTLE bit higher… and look what i get =/


If you like the look of a stick on play-asia and it’s in stock… don’t wait is all I can say. :smile:

Most of their sticks that are any good don’t last for more than a few days.


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The HRAP3SA has the turbo too. It may have some use for shoot’em up games.


Might sound a bit harsh, but they aren’t trolling. Lots of previous threads were created on this exact topic. These threads were found by a quick search.

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So utilize the search button first before creating a thread.

As for the topic at hand, I have a HRAP2 SA which is pretty much the same thing as the HRAP3 SA, and I own a Madcatz TE. While the features on the TE are nicer (cord compartment, heavier, start & select button placement), I like the HRAP2 SA better. Button layout feels more natural to the hand, and it just is more comfortable to use. If the prices are equal (which they should be since Amazon will start carrying them), I would buy a HRAP3 SA.


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Just make a solid effort to search before you do, you’ll be fine.


still has them for pre-order.


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Instead of abusing the Rep system as usual (everybody knows it’s a joke), a few clicks on the Mouse saves everybody some trouble!

As for the SA/SE’s, those sticks are all great even if they follow the typical pre-fab stick pattern of same button colors. That kind of thing drives me nuts and I like to use at least 3 different button colors when customizing sticks.

Personally, I think the previous generation SA’s/SE’s (the HRAP 2 SA/SE) had a nicer color scheme. Blue on charcoal paneling on white just stands out more IMHO than white on black… otherwise, the sticks perform the same.

Good news is that Hori has finally changed its cabinet design and we’ll see new wide-body “V” (“Vee”) joystick cabinets by the end of the year/start of next year. Good-bye to Astrocade-style cabinets, hello to Viewlix-style cabinets/button layouts and renewed competition with Mad Catz.

It’s all good around and provides new opportunities for “wide screen” stick art! Frankly, I think it’s neat…


I seriously hope that hori does not discontinue their “city” layout sticks. I greatly prefer that to the viewlix layout.


Could be a while before we see the last copy of the Astrocade-style sticks from Hori disappear. There really is a glut of these sticks in stock now at many shops!

At the very least, there still seem to be plenty of licensed sticks using the HRAP-style casing in the inventories of many import shops. There seems to be tons of Arcana Heart 2, Blaze Blue, regular HRAP 3, and HRAP 3 SA’s still at JVG and other domestic places. I know lots of Arcana Heart’s have recently come up on e-Bay at reduced prices. Wasn’t that long ago you couldn’t buy one of those for much less than $200 but now they can’t give them away for $130!

Blame it on overproduction for SF IV and the like or Mad Catz’ successful joystick line-up… or maybe people just got tired of Hori recycling the same case style over and over again for the better part of at least 5 years now! Even most automotive companies would have restyled/redesigned their main carlines twice during the same time frame…

(The only Astrocade-styles you can’t seem to find much anymore are the Amazon-Japan HRAP 2 Oranges and Greens as well the HRAP 2 SA. Nobody seems to have those in stock anymore! HRAP 2 SA in particular seemed to available for a very long time until the past few weeks.)

Tekken 5 sticks still show up occasionally and it’s easier now to get them for $40 or less online. The last one I bought cost me $20. Still good for a used stick!

There’s really no reason anyone can’t find a copy of one of these sticks for $150 or less. A used Tekken 5 joystick gives you the best bang for the buck mod-wise but all of them can easily be upgraded to pro-level with minimal effort.

I’m still looking forward to the “V” series of Hori sticks just for a change in case styling and button config. The wider style is growing on me, too. I just hope the darn thing can be modded to open from the top because I sure don’t see any carriage bolts or cap socket screws on the faceplate of the “V” in any of the photos I’ve looked at!

I’m sure we’ll see an HRAP V SA/SE line in the near-future, too.


I seriously recommend getting a TE over this. It’ll probably be cheaper and the TE is way easier to mod. But of course is IMHO.


^ What do you mean by the TE is easier to mod than the HRAP3SA?


I should of said dual modding… In my experiences, I’ve had a much easier time dual modding a TE over an HRAP 3 (SA).


I’m pretty sure SA’s and SE’s open from the top. At least my HRAP 2 SA opens from the top, and it’s easier to fit an ls-32 in.