HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Disconnect Issue

I just recently bought a brand new unopened HRAP4 and I have been having issues where the stick stops working while playing. It will not register any inputs, button presses, or joystick movement.
The odd thing is that the ps4 does not mention or prompt me that the device has been disconnected or turned off. I have seen this thread mention the same issue Arcade stick disconnects on PS4

However, I am wondering if there is another solution. Because I feel its odd to have to buy an extra hardware to fix this.

The switch on the stick is set to PS4 and it happens on both the PS4’s USB ports? The consoles firmware is up-to-date also?

I made sure the switch is set to ps4 and I am running the latest Firmwire. I haven’t changed ports yet. Will try it now

Okay, by switching the stick to the second player USB slot on the PS4 it works perfectly. I am guessing that my first player slot is somewhat defective. The first player slot charges my controller and other devices work but it can’t handle the HRAP4 for some reason, so I am fine with this and I am glad I do not have to buy extra hardware to get my stick to work. Also thanks for mentioning that Tensho!