Hori Real Arcade Pro [Amazon Japan orange edition] unboxing

Enjoy and feel free to discuss or comment and yes i look tired as hell but when you got a 5 week old baby crying all night you would be tired as well lol.

Peace and good gaming.

Congrats. Looks nice, though the button layout arc seems uncomfortable. What type of converter did you get (InPin, etc)?

I used a Dragonplus converter from Amazon ($9.99). I thought that at first but after testing it with Tekken DR, Alpha 2, Super Turbo, KOF 98, Virtua Fighter and SF4, it works like a dream. The combos and moves from wavedashing to Gen’s chains come out smooth. I going to mod it with some Sanwa’s very soon.

The buttons are setup so you usually use the far six buttons by default in most games.

The close two buttons are there for mimicking the Virtua Fighter layout.

Damn nice man, where did you get that?

At Japan Video Games :woot: I got it for $149 with free shipping.