Hori -Real Arcade Pro and soulcaliber IV arcade stick


I have gotten 2 Hori sticks, once is the Real Arcade Stick Pro and the other is the Hori Soul Caliber edition.

both work well for any ps3 fighting game and pc.

But, when I play SF Anniversary Collection and SF Anthology, a problem seen to rise up.

There is a lag time of maybe a 1/2 a second when pressing any attack e.i: jab and etc.

Is it because it s a ps2 game and my Ps3 is emulating a Ps2 software/hardware?

But if i use a regular 6 axis controller, there s no problem.

MK II on ps3 doesnt have that sync problem.

Does anyone have that same problem?


There is slight lag (reports of about 3 frames) when playing PS2 games on the PS3.

Unfortunately there is no way to fix it ;(

Good to know ><

I at first suspecting my RAPS3 then when i receive my second sticks, it was the same.

so unfortunately…

thank for the info :slight_smile:

I notice it too when I play 3rd Strike on my PS3. I just bought a HRAP3 AE too. I havent seen any threads covering this question so I figured id ask… is there a converter to play a HRAP3 on the PS2(or a USB to PS2 adapter)?

I was wondering about it too for the ps2 converter, but now im playing on emulator since i love that Hori

Funny as it sound but i still use both of my Ps1 Ascii arcade stick for the Ps2 to play SF and even in tournaments :slight_smile:

there is no usb -> bla bla bla right now

unless you mean xbox, but that doesn’t count

your going to have to get a psx/2 pad and solder

Thanks, appreciate it. Hopefully someone will release one, otherwise I have another excuse to get a HRAP2 now haha.

Here a nice page with all the info need to my own question and for others too :slight_smile:


dood lino, may have what your talking about, gatta test that shit though. also when you ganna swing by ho? i wanna throw down on some 3s if we are not at the UFO./