Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (360) & Cthulhu PCB



I own a HRAP EX for 360 and i was wondering is it pos to put a Cthulhu PCB inside it so it works with PS3 ? also i dont want 2 leads coming out of it so is it pos to wire the Cthulhu so i can use the existing 360 USB lead ? if so is there a guide anywhere ?



I made the mistake of not searching the HRAPEX thread before posing a similar question (whether or not the HRAPEX PCB is common ground) and I found my answer quite shorly afterwards (it is not).

In summary, no, and search the proper thread next time.

A longer explanation: the Cthulhu board is common ground and the HRAPEX board is not, so unless you have pretty advanced (well, not advanced for an electrical engineer, but advanced for a layman) knowledge of electrical systems and want a huge project on your hands involving resisters and amplifiers, no, it is not possible.


ok thanks for that :wink: ill search the thread next time


No problem.


I don’t see why not


Get the fuck out. I already stated why not and referred him to the appropriate thread.



You would have to gut it and use a new PCB from another controller.