Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (360) Thread - Coming to Amazon US in FEB 2009!

Hori Real Arcade PRO EX (Xbox 360) is coming to the US in FEB 2009!


Buy here, ships Dec. 29th!

[*]Amazon - Hori Real Arcade Pro EX 360

Damn. I can’t WAIT to see these things. May just have to sell my HRAP 2: SA.

Interesting there are no pics, considering the amazon.jp HRAP 1 and 3 revisions are coming out around the same time.

The 360 REALLLLLLLLY needed this. Thanks for the news.

Awesome News, thanks for the heads up

God dammit, just when I finally bite the bullet and picked up an EX2 for cheap.

Wow, well I know what kind of stick I will be using now as I play my 360 more.

Badly badly want pics of the PCB…

About fucking time. :tup:

I hope putting in Sanwa parts will be relatively simple.

if its nothing more than a hrap 2/3 for the 360 than its still a win.

just in time for hd remix and 4

i just got my HRAP2 SA and now this… overtime!! :lol:

Those dual pcb sticks should be a snap now, anybody wanna sell their shell if they’re gonna use a HRAP3 + HRAPEX combined?

I hope the turbo button placement is either

A) the same as HRAP 1 and 2 or
B) nonexistent

Please dear God, no PS3 HRAP turbo placement

Would be nice if they didn’t take anything from the HRAP 3.
/curses the fake carbon fiber POS vinyl.

does the vinyl just look bad or can you actually feel the air bubbles?

Unfortunately, both.

I think I’ll wait for some positive feedback before picking one up myself. I already have a modded ex2 so no biggie on the wait. :tup:

I know how you feel. I got an EX2 a few months ago and now…damnit.

If it’s easier to hook up and get going on a PC than the EX2 is, then it’s a definate pick-up for me.

This is some awesome news finally a hrap for the xbox 360.

now it’s confirmed.

real arcade pro EX
horistore.com exclusive
12000yen (about 115 USD)
release date : July 10th
pre-order starts from June 10th


Oh shit. JLF-TM-8T. That does NOT bode well for it being a common ground or common anything PCB.

So what, bad pcb?