Hori real arcade pro ex broken after one day :( help


I’m new to the SRK forums but if anyone can help with this problem I know its you guys. I got my hori real arcade pro ex in the mail and played it that day. The next day I tried to play it and the up and down stopped working and the A button no longer works.

I opened the stick up to make sure all the connections were ok and everything was where it should be.

Do you guys think its just my stick and A button breaking?

I’m worried I will order parts and find out its the PCB or a short in the wire.

Any suggestions?


I’ve had mine a couple weeks but have been experiencing random buttons not working and then sometimes the whole thing stops working. I feel your pain, i’ve opened it up a few times and made sure the connections were still good, it seems to stop working at random times and if I leave it for a while and go back sometimes it starts working again.

I’ve got a few parts on order anyway so i hope it will be fine once those are installed but sorry I don’t have a difinitive answer for ya.

I’ve read before there were some problems with the PCB. Either loose connections or possibly even something else. Such is the reason I opted not to buy a hori and replace the buttons, i built a custom stick based on a pad hack.

I borrowed a friends hori stick and after a few days my fierce punch button wasn’t registering well. The quick activation changed to me really having to depress the button firmly to get it to register. This seems like a button/switch problem more than a pcb honestly.

That said, I knew i would be beating the daylights out of my joystick beforehand, so i took the robust route.

If i had to guess, i would say new buttons would solve your problem. And worst case, if the joystick PCB was screwy you could reuse the buttons on another future stick

Thanks guys, i think im just going to go the custom road it seems. Drive me crazy dropping that much money but i guess that’s a hard lesson learned lol.

Thanks for your input.


Had mine for close to a month with no problems. I hate to have to cross my fingers…

Does it only occur on a hrap ex ?

first time i’ve heard of hraps malfunctioning. sorry to hear that! hit up hori usa, it should be on the box.

to clarify a little of what I said… I was specifically reading about the EX2. I can’t speak for the components in other sticks (like the Pro EX) what i found was enough to convince me to spend a little more. Take that for what it is

Wow, I have four HRAPs and have never had a problem with them. Sorry to hear yours is malfunctioning. Surely Hori has a warranty on them - get them to fix or replace it. If all else fails, tell the place you bought it from that it doesn’t work properly - return or exchange it for a working model.

Does the HRAP3’s have quality PCBs?

they’re excellent pcbs.