Hori Real Arcade Pro EX for Xbox 360

Hi guys - first post, brand new here. I’m a big game fan and have long wanted to build/mod my own arcade stick so I’ve been checking out forums and you guys really seem to know what you’re up to. Big fan of fighting games, SF, MUGEN, you name it.

Anyway - just got the HRAP Ex for the 360 and I have Sanwa buttons on the way for it, but I just wanted to say that even right out of the box last night it performed great. Got SF4 and played for several hours, and during that time I missed maybe only a handful of dragon punches or fireballs and I think that’s just because I’m out of practice with sticks. The buttons all respond well, the stick itself seems smooth and the whole unit is built like a tank - big and heavy. I had it on my lap and the headphone cord, though on top, didn’t get in my way because I just let it hang off the left side.

Anyway - I know some folks have been upset that they can’t get a Tourney Stick from Madcatz because they’re sold out, etc. Honestly - this Hori ain’t bad if you absolutely can’t wait. Not bad at all. I can only imagine it would improve with the new buttons, but even the stock buttons are WAY better than the ones on my old Fighting Stick Ex from them.

same here, got the game and the stick yesterday and i am loving it.

Fighting Stick Ex ? ex2 ? I though those were the same hori stock btns…
I was thinking like you before I got my arcades buttons, hori are okay, arcade are MUCH MUCH better IMHO

I believe my old ones are just Fighting Stick EX… they’re for the first Xbox. I’ll have to double check. Green Ball top, very no frills - 8 buttons + 2 back/start. But those buttons feel very loose compared to the HRAP EX buttons on the new one.

Yeah, I’ve heard that the Sanwa buttons are just going to improve it even more… c’mon, Lizardlick - don’t fail me now! :rock: I’ve never modded a stick or tried those buttons but I heard they’re the way to go - can’t wait!

i get mine this afternoon and gong to order buttons later i can’t wait :slight_smile: