Hori Real Arcade PRO EX (Looking to mod just about everything)

I received my Hori today and I love the layout, really reminds me of the arcades in Japan.

The I’m not a fan of the stick, it should be able to move in a 360 circle, the default stick does not. It does move in all 8 directions, but I’d prefer a stick that moves more fluidly.
Now the buttons aren’t bad at all, I do like them. But I do prefer sanwa buttons.

The stick I’m looking for should be metal(not plastic) and the ball(well I may get a clear blue ball, can’t think of the name at this time)

I plan on basically changing everything, the start and select buttons are fine, I’ll leave those alone.

I know lizard licks has everything but I just need help with compatible parts, as I don’t want to buy any parts and find out they won’t work…

I plan on easily spending $100 on all the parts.

All help is appreciated!

Your Joystick right now is a Sanwa JLF.
There are no Circle Restrictors available for it.

But you can get this from Toodles that will make it so.

You can buy a Seimitsu LS-32 and then get the Circle Restrictor for it.

You will need to replace the default RE Mounting Plate with SS Mounting Plate for the LS-32.

Here is Ball Top.

For Buttons, you can use any 30mm Sanwa Button you want.
Screw-in or Snap-in, any will work.
Choose your color.

I’ve never modded a stick before, just hope there’s tutorials for the stick part. The buttons look easy enough to swap in/out.

This seems to have what I want, would this be compatible?
Amazon.com: Blue Sanwa JLF-TP-8T joystick: Everything Else

There is already a Sanwa JLF in your HRAP.
So why replace with another one?

And that one would not work anyways, without modifying.

It also does not have what you want, which is Circle Restrictor.
Because there does not exist one for Sanwa JLF.

I’ve already given you everything for what you want.

Also, just want to add that your joystick isn’t plastic, it only has a plastic cover. You could get a replacement dustwasher and take off the shaft cover. But you have to get a new dustwasher, taking off the shaft cover shrinks the size of the JLF, and the one you have is for with shaft cover. When you order parts, you can get a cool one from Tek-innovations with arrow etching. Or just get the plain JL-PP1. But arrows look cooler. And you have the money to spend! If you want something close to the round feel, you can pick up a GT-Y restrictor. It’s not exactly round, but it is an octogon. Or get the GT-C restrictor that Toodles is starting to make, it’s still kind of experimental.

Or just get an LS-32 with round gate, like jdm said.

It’s not hard to replace a stick. Just unscrew and unplug, then screw new one in, and plug.

LS-32 with round gate is a good option. I’ve tried it before and reminds me a little bit of HAPP sticks, but with a lighter feel.

Swapping out the JLF in the EX with a LS-32 is a tad more involved since the setup is non-common ground (unless you want to swap the microswitches from the JLF into the LS-32…I wonder how that feels). You’ll have to cut off the pair of wires soldered to each microswitch on the JLF and either solder them back on or connect them with quick disconnects to the LS-32.

If you like the feel of the JLF…then the circular gate by Toodles that jdm mentioned is the easier and probably cheaper solution than buying a whole new joystick.

Just get a plain LS-32 if you go that route, don’t get an LS-32-01. That way you don’t make things harder on yourself with a PCB that is forcing your joystick to be common ground.

I /sigh’d when the OP wanted to replace his/her JLF with… another JLF. Really, did you not read the specs on the HORI stick that you bought :)?

Just replace the buttons w/ OBSF-30s. If you want a 360-motion, the closest you’re going to get is an octagonal gate (unless you get someone to customize a gate for ya, I suppose).

If you really want a Seimitsu stick, you should’ve just gotten an EX-SE. My friend and I picked one up (plus got the “SA” version for the PS3, though the “SA” was one of the lightning deals - ~$75 last Christmas… back when TEs were selling for ~$130) when Amazon had them for lower than the regular EXs (EX-SE = $85… EX = $100… weird pricing, but hey… that’s Amazon for ya)

If you wanted all Sanwa, then could get HRAP EX SA.
If you wanted all Seimitsu, then could get HRAP EX SE.

A lot of people do not know that HRAP EX SA exists.
They think only the SA is for HRAP 3 SA.
Even there is HRAP 3 SE exists.
They don’t know that either.