Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE for xbox 360

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’m planning on buying a hori stick for the xbox 360 in the near future and modding it. I have a few questions:

  1. I live in Ireland. Where can/should i order it from online?
  2. Where can I order a transparent seimitsu stick and transparent seimitsu buttons from online?
    3 Which joystick and button models will fit it, and does it matter whether the buttons are snap-in or screw-in?
  3. Is it difficult to include leds into the modification like in this vid for example

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks : |

  1. try amazon.uk?
  2. arcadeshop.de
  3. why do you want to change the joystick? its already ls-32 a very good one. the buttons do not matter if they are snap or screw. snap is better for metal like ex se screw is better for wood but does not matter really.
  4. leds are not hard but you need some soldering skills and power tapping skills

Thanks a lot for your reply Uhnfunny. I’ve tried amazon.co.uk but they don’t have the HRAP EX-SE only the HRAP EX. As with the buttons its just the look of the joystick i’d like to change so I should probably look into balltops and sleeves…
Regarding the buttons, are all of the seimitus (and sanwas) compatible with the HRAP EX-SE? There are a lot to choose from on that site! I found some other sites: http://gremlinsolutions.co.uk/

Thanks again

for the sleeve you are talking about is called a shaft cover, you will have to cut a little off and sand the inside to make it fit better. the ls-32 in ex se is very fast due to it’s short and wide shaft.

all sanwa or seimitsu 30 millimeter buttons will be compatible for the 8 face buttons and 24 millimeter for star and select.

gremlin is a very good site i bought from them before

Thanks so much Uhnfunny thats really really helpful : ) If i can’t find the HRAP EX-SE online, would it be worth going for the HRAP EX?

the ex se has a white shell where the ex has a black shell. the joystick in se is seimitsu ls-32 in the ex is sanwa jlf also a very good joystick. the buttons on the ex se are all seimitsu where the ex is a hori button that are not very good. but, you want to change the buttons anyway, so it will be to your liking. the button requirements are the same as the ex se. so you can just refer back to my earlier posts and find buttons you like.

Thats brilliant Uhnfunny, again thanks so much for the help. Now I just need to learn how to solder ; ) One last question if i may, is the jlf as good as the ls-32?

why do you need to solder? they are swap friendly. the jlf is very different from ls-32 both are probably best from respective companies. the jlf has a tall & narrow shaft with very short microswitches and light spring it makes it very sharp & very quick. the ls-32 has a short & wide shaft with long springs on the microswitch and the shaft spring is a little bit firmer than jlf. this makes the ls-32 very smooth &has very buttery feeling it demands a little more from the user. i prefer seimitsu because of its slickness but a lot of other people like the sharp feedback of jlf. so none of those are bad, you can argue they are equally good.

They’re both good, but do have different feels. I prefer a JLF for fighters and a LS-32 for SHMUPs.

If he decides to switch the stick in his HRAP EX or HRAP EX-SE he will need to either solder or use quick disconnects because there is no wire harness since they are non-common ground.

I was unclear there sorry, I was just referring to the led/circuitry work for lighting up the buttons… Once again, thank you! :slight_smile:

Nice to know if I do decide to switch sticks at some point, thanks Digital-! :slight_smile: Apologies I was a little unclear about the soldering in my earlier post…